joseph tito daddy diaries and family in smash + tess rompers


A dream come true for dreamwear!

I’m baaaack! You didn’t think my Father’s Day series was the last you would see of me, did you?! Can you believe Holiday Season is nearly here! Feels like yesterday when it was January and life was mostly normal.

To help a bit with gift-giving this year, I was able to talk with Joseph Tito of If you don’t know who he is I’m excited to introduce him to you!

Joseph is a single dad of twin girls. He was ready to settle down and start a family in Canada, so he started his journey by finding a surrogate so he could become a father. It wasn’t easy, but Joseph is now an amazing dad to two beautiful daughters. If you want to learn more about his journey, make sure to visit his website where he’s documenting it all!

I thought he would be the best person to help me prepare for the Holiday Season while still trying to navigate this new ‘double daughter’ club!

joseph tito daddy diaries and family in smash + tess rompers

You’re a girl dad of two, and I just recently joined that club. Do you have any advice for me? 

My biggest advice would be that nothing lasts forever. This too shall pass and try to enjoy every moment because, with the blink of an eye, they are onto another milestone. 

Holidays are JUST around the corner - what is the ultimate gift you’d love to get? 

It’s funny, once the girls were born, I stopped thinking about myself and what I want. If I had to tell you what I need, it would be a new SUV, Lol. Preferably a Mercedes! 

Do you have a go-to theme or item that you gift? 

I guess it really depends on who it’s for. I would say wine is always my safest option. You really can’t go wrong with it. 

joseph tito daddy diaries and family in smash + tess rompers

OK, you have to pick up a gift at the absolute last minute, what do you buy? 

At the absolute last minute, I would probably run out and buy chocolate. It’s my go-to after a long day with the twins. Chocolate always puts a smile on my face. 

What does your ultimate holiday season look like?

My ultimate holiday season is drinking eggnog by the fire, being with my family singing Christmas songs, and watching my girls’ faces light up as they tear open their gifts and play with the boxes and wrapping. 

I’m from Canada as well, and supporting local is important to me. Are there any local brands you will definitely be supporting this holiday season?

I have a go-to brand that I’ve been using since the girls were born Royal H Botanicals. She is a single mamma and makes 100% all-natural ingredients creams and face serums that can be used on the babies and me. 

joseph tito daddy diaries and family in smash + tess rompers

We (cough *Ashley* cough) loves to match us in our rompers. What are your thoughts on the NEW plaid collection? 

Well as my followers know, I’m the Romper king. I lived in my rompers for a good year once the girls were born. I still get pictures in my DMs from my followers, of them and their families wearing rompers. And red and black plaid is my jam!!! I’m so excited to be matching with my family!! 

Ashley didn’t believe me that "shower beers" were a thing. What are your thoughts on "shower beers" and how often do you have them? (LOL) 

LOL!! Yes, the shower has become my home away from home. Rather than having a shower beer, I’m more of a shower wine type of guy. But to tell you the truth with two toddlers even the bathroom has become their domain. I find it difficult to be alone when at home.

You can shop the Plaid collection here!

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