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Meet Loren Brovarnik - 90 Day Fiance alum, Pillow Talk star, and our newest #smashtessfam

If you follow along on Instagram, you know that Ashley loves to watch ‘90 Day Fiance’. As a new mom, Loren Brovarnik loves our Rompers and you’ll even see her wearing them on Pillow Talk occasionally (OMG, so exciting!). When we got the opportunity to get to know her even better, we had to share her amazing personality and light with our #smashtessfam!

We love following Loren on Instagram (@lorenbrovarnik) because she is so real with her followers... and her baby, Shai, is so cute! Loren is down to earth, easy going and an amazing mother. We hope you love getting to know her as much as we did!


You met while you were travelling in Israel and Alexei was working as a medic. Can you tell us a bit more about your love story? 

We met on something called Birthright - I was the staff and Alex was the medic. I wasn’t supposed to be on that trip but got moved onto it 5 days before it was set to leave. It was not love at first sight, more like "oh yea it's going to be a good trip" at first sight, but over the 10-day trip we grew to know one another, I extended my stay and we stayed together for a week in Tel Aviv. In the following 1 year period I went to visit Alex 5 times in Israel, before we got engaged. We finally got approved for a visa and the rest is history...7 years - married 5 - and 1 baby later... here we are!

What was the experience of having your engagement to marriage play out on TV?

We didn't know what to expect but looking back on it, it's something we will never forget and figured it's better to say "we'll never do it again” than “we wish we did". I mean, not many people can say they experienced it; it's pretty cool and we're very lucky.

You just had a baby - Congrats! How have your lives changed? 

THANK YOU! Oh wow, it has brought us closer as a couple in ways I couldn't even imagine. We have grown so much individually and together. Our lives have (obviously) changed for the better. It's so true what everyone says, once your kids are here, you cannot picture life without them.


You are now very open with people about your Tourette's Syndrome. What is something you would like to share about living with this to someone who may not know much about the syndrome? 

Just because you can't always see it, doesn't mean it's not there. When we talk about it, we tic more. When we're not physically ticking, it's affecting us mentally or emotionally.

How does the experience of being on ‘Pillow Talk’ differ from being on ‘90-Day Fiance’?

For us, what you see is what you get. Pillow Talk is more relatable for us, and fun for us. We are actually in our bed, saying what people are thinking. And to be completely honest, that is 100% how Alex and I watch TV, movies, etc. -- that couldn't be more real and more us. 


What does your ultimate Sunday consist of? 

Pool time, any chores around the house, and relaxing as much as possible.

Current Netflix binge? 

Just finished Selling Sunset, The Politician and Unsolved Mysteries... I'm a HUGE binger so send recommendations my way!

Who inspires you? 

Those who work 2-3 jobs, commute long commutes, bust their ass, take care of families, whatever it may be, but those tough, working people who still have a smile on their face and make it their priority to say "hi" or ask "how's your day?".


Fave way to rock your romper? 

Saturday romper with a pair of wedges! I feel confident, comfy, and look cute!

Your relationship is very public. How do you choose what to share with an audience and what to keep between just you two?

 You just know. I mean honestly, we're just a regular married couple, so it's natural for us to keep things to ourselves :)

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