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Spring has SPRUNG! We don’t know about you, but we couldn’t be more excited to welcome the change of seasons and all that comes with it. The warmer weather, flowers blooming, and sunshine! It’s just the best! To us, spring is the season of positivity and who better to catch up with for our first spring collection drop than Bailey Peyton. 

Bailey is such a huge supporter of Smash + Tess, but more importantly she’s truly an overall amazing human! She shines positivity, confidence, and fun all throughout her Instagram feed. Not to mention she looks AAH-MAZING in our Rompers! We hope you love getting to know Bailey as much as we have! 

bailey peyton wearing smash + tess jackie romper

You’ve said you felt destined to share your story. Can you share some of that story with our #smashtessfam?  

I spent most of my younger years feeling like the underdog, the outsider, and the girl next door. The media had conditioned me to believe that I would never be a ‘leading lady’ or ‘loved’ because I live in a bigger body. And unfortunately, I learned the hard way that if you spend enough years unlearning how to love yourself, the road back is one of the greatest uphill battles you will ever come to know. But it’s the best kind of hard.  

My story is full of ups and downs, ebbs and flows, heartbreak and hustle, and most importantly a lot of real, raw and relatable moments. And after living through it and coming out stronger, I felt destined to share my story in hopes that even one soul out there would feel a little less alone. So, I began sharing, writing and growing a community of bold babes through embracing my everyday journey.  

I’m a former professional musical theater performer turned plus-size model so my day-to-day has always been a wild ride, and despite the odds, I have always been determined to follow my dream and feel seen despite the obstacles.  

I think at the end of the day, we’re all looking for someone to connect to. Someone who we can look up to and say ‘she looks like me and is confident, so maybe I can be too’ ‘or ‘she’s been through something similar to me, and she’s still standing, so maybe I will be okay too’. I didn’t have a role model like that to look up to as a young girl. So, I became her. 

You are so amazing at being real on your Instagram and exuding so much confidence – what's your secret?!  

Aw, thank you so much! I always say ‘confidence is not a one-day journey, it is an everyday choice’. My secret? There isn't one. No secret sauce, no magic wand, no ‘aha’ moment. There is the journey...and the best advice I can give anyone in the thick of their confidence journey is to stop chasing the destination because how you show up for yourself and learn to love yourself is going to look different EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Also, free yourself from the judgement and expectations of others. Showing up every day as my most authentic self has changed the way I live my daily life. The world needs the real you! 

bailey peyton wearing smash + tess everyday t-shirt dress

What advice would you give someone who may not be confident with who they are or how they look? 

 Good timing because I just wrote a caption about this for a post a few days ago! A message I get often is ‘I wish I could have just half your confidence’ - but what if we reframed that thought to be: ‘her confidence is inspiring, and I am proud of ALL of MY confidence’.  

This thought was vastly important for me to learn in my own journey with confidence & self-worth. My happy and healthy may look different than yours. And that’s okay. Because you are you and I am me. A few everyday tips: Stop comparing - it is the thief of joy. Celebrate the baby steps - they lead up to the big ones. Introduce daily affirmations into your routine - you are worthy, and you are so, so loved. 

What has your experience been as a model?  

WILD! I was always told I had a pretty face but plus-size models didn’t exist when I was growing up so being able to now represent in an industry that is still changing and growing (and frankly still has a lot of work to do) is SO empowering! Being a model has always been about far more than just representing bigger bodies in ads for me - it’s been about being a role model, setting an example and making young Bailey proud. 

What is your fave way to spread self-love?  

By sprinkling kindness like it’s confetti, spreading affirmations/reminders to my community of bold, brave, bubbly babes and having a daily dance party to thank my body for all it does! 

You recently tried our new Spring pieces! Which was your fave and why?  

Oooh, I am swooning over the Rebecca Wrap Dress! The perfect piece for a Sunday brunch with my babes, a travel day with my husband, or a day on the go that is calling for both cute and comfy! It’s the perfect crossover. I have to say the Jackie Romper is a close second; makes me feel like a total boss babe with the high neck detail and keyhole back! 

bailey peyton wearing smash + tess rebecca wrap dress

 Fave way to rock that piece?  

I love to pair the wrap dress with white sneaks for a more casual look and the Jackie Romper with a fierce stiletto! One of my favorite things about these new styles is the ability to add fun coloured accessories to really spice up a spring look too! 

What does your ultimate Sunday look like? 

Ahhh depending on the week, I am a solid mix of a Sunday slowdown and a Sunday Funday! I actually coined the ‘Sunday slowdown’ sometime last year because it is truly my day to unwind, recharge and refresh. Being self-employed, it can be really hard to set the boundary to take time off or not work every day. But I always try to prioritize that on Sundays.  

Ultimate Sunday? Morning snuggles with my husband over coffee, followed by mimosas with a splash of OJ, a homemade brunch (I love savory with a side of sweet), and then a walk on the beach and an afternoon with my book or some self-care with a mask, a bath and planning for the week ahead to avoid burnout. 

Fave pump-up song?  

Oh my gosh, music is my JAM, so many to choose from! But right now, I’d have to say Work Hard and Be Nice - Michael Franti + Spearhead. It makes me smile in that sunny day, windows down kind of way and always reminds me to not sweat the small stuff. 

What does being a part of the #smashtessfam mean to you?  

Comfort, connection + community have always been a priority in my life and I truly feel like being a part of the #smashtessfam represents that to a T! It’s a family that prioritizes ease and making everyday life a little less complicated which we all could use a little more of right now. I love the girl power behind this brand and that every Romper represents my personality in a different way...and I love that I can rock a matching one with my mom (who’s a diehard fan, btw), or dream about wearing one with my future little. Being a part of something that matters has always been at the forefront of everything I do and I am proud to do that as a member of this family! 

Seeing Bailey in our spring pieces, it’s super hard to pick just one favourite. What is your favourite spring piece, #smashtessfam?! 

You can shop our new spring collection here! 

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