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It started with women supporting women, which turned into a friendship, which turned into one of our most exciting collaborations yet! Sarah Nicole Landry of The Bird’s Papaya has been a long time fan of S+T. This love affair has been a two-way street as we, at S+T, believe in body positivity and inclusiveness for all. Our values align highly, so when Sarah had dinner with Ashley one night in Vancouver, Canada and pitched her collab ideas, Ashley couldn’t say no!

sarah nicole landry from the birds papaya discusses smash + tess romper collection

If you haven’t heard of her yet, Sarah Nicole has become a major influencer worldwide. Focusing on body positivity and loving yourself. Through this, she has made real, deep, and lasting connections between her and her followers. We loved her when she was our #smashtessgirl back in 2018, and we love her even more now!

What was your design inspiration?

For The S+T Jemma Summer romper, I really wanted something that was versatile, flattering to all body types, and a really easy to wear romper. With the waist tie, it brought together a blend between street style and home-style, knowing you don't have to compromise one for the other. With The S+T Papaya Duster, it's a way to really dive into that inner queen. There is something transformative in the mind that happens when you put it on, you just feel ready to take on the world, or maybe just that one day.

sarah nicole landry from the birds papaya discusses smash + tess romper collection

How do you want this collection to make #smashtessgirls feel?

I want them to feel comfort and class, all at once. I want them to know how deserving they are of feeling good in clothing that was designed for that very reason, inside and out. There's just something about that waist tie and the silky feel of the duster that is so chic in nature, I want them to feel chic wearing it, too. 

What are your top 3 ways to style The S+T Papaya Duster?

Jeans and a white tee, over a swimsuit (really helps pop a basic black), and over The S+T Jemma Summer Romper. 

sarah nicole landry from the birds papaya discusses smash + tess romper collection

How do you rock The S+T Jemma Summer Romper?

Denim jacket, sneakers or booties, or wear it as a swim coverup! 

How would you say you've changed since we first featured you as a #smashtessgirl in 2018?

I think in 2018 I was still adjusting to all the change in my life, after my season as a single mom, I was about to get married, I had also recently acknowledged my disordered eating and was learning to love myself through much of the disordered thinking about my body, too. In 2018, I loved Smash & Tess rompers because I felt they HID my body, now in 2020, I'm ready to ROCK my body, but comfortably, and with a new perspective!

sarah nicole landry from the birds papaya discusses smash + tess romper collection

What's your biggest learning so far living in our new reality of social distancing?

That time does not equal capacity. Just because we have all the time to do "all the things" doesn't mean we should be. 

If you could pick only 1, which Friends cast member would you choose to rock The S+T Jemma Summer Romper?  

Rachel Greene (Jennifer Aniston). She's the fashion icon of the show, and I think she'd rock it. 



  • Amanda Gould

    Please put these up again or for pre order ? … S+T papaya duster & S+T jemma summer romper 🙌

  • Christy Stephens

    Are you guys going to restock the Jemma Summer Romper?
    Thank you!

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