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Sarah may be better known by her Instagram handle @thebirdspapaya and her inspirational message promoting a positive body image regardless of the flaws. As a 30-something mom of 3, she lost 100 pounds naturally at home and began a journey to self-love while navigating a complete life upheaval; divorce, single motherhood, and finding herself again. She openly shares on Instagram about body positivity, finding love, and the power of a woman who rises. Her photos and captions seem like a peek into the inner dialogue of many women and they often leave us feeling inspired to embrace our mummy tummy, cellulite and everything that is unique to us as women!

In 2017, Sarah was the cover girl for Oxygen’s Transformation issue and her story was featured in the Daily Mail, Pop Sugar, Huffington Post,, Health, Shape, Notable Life, Allure and more. We sat down with Nicole to get to know more about her:

Sarah Landry Featured on Smash and Tess Blog - Women's Rompers

What inspired you to share your story on social media?

I felt very alone in a lot of my struggles. The more I found like-minded people with similar struggles, body types or life stuff, I felt connected and no longer alone. Realizing this also lead me to want to share in my own experiences. Gifting that community, comfort and encouragement back into the platform that I got so much from.

What's the best piece of advice that has shaped your journey?

You can’t hate yourself happy, and when you stem your journey in a place of love, you only find more ways to love yourself, instead of constantly finding more things you need to “improve” upon.

One tip for building your own brand?

Share and do whatever is fueling you at the moment. Don’t worry so much about being cohesive for a span of years, stay genuine to your moment right now so that your passions and creativity stay connected in your words and images.

Smash + Tess Loungewear brand features Sarah Landry

What does your ultimate Sunday consist of?

Usually a slow wake. I lay in bed and wait for the first kid to wake up and ask “what’s for breakfast” I’ll head downstairs in my jammies and put on coffee and make (usually) pancakes. We sit and chill, and I’ll eventually get dressed and we’ll head to church late morning. A Sunday afternoon almost always means a trip to Costco, and a cozy dinner at home with wine, of course.

Current Netflix binge?

Friends. I can’t seem to get past it. It’s a great show to watch again and again.

Womens Rompers and loungewear Sarah Landry

Who inspires you?

Boss women. I think I admire their guts to do things outside of the box and just go after it it. I love women who hustle, who show others it can be done. Who help other women feel empowered and just aim to inspire others to do the same.

Desert Island beauty product?

A moisturizing sunscreen. The sun causes wrinkles and no desert island is gonna take me down!

Fave place to rock your Romper?

To work! Honestly, paired with a blazer it’s my favorite. I come home, I don’t feel the need to “strip it all off” and can go right from work to yoga, and then to bed. Yes, three outfits in one go. (We love how Sarah styled her Sunday Romper!)

Women's Rompers and loungewear

Which guilty pleasure Instagram accounts are your fave Insta-follows?

Ahhh good question! Right now I’d say @oliviamuenter who’s this incredible writer and creator and soooo body positive, @simplysadiejane (who is like my IG bff) and @bresheppard (the girl has amazing style). I also just love creative talents like @happygreylucky whose posts feel like a true escape from reality.

Whose poster did you have on your bedroom wall when you were 12 years?

Savage Garden or the Spice Girls. I stand behind those choices.

Sarah is so lovely and inspiring which is why we are so excited to team up with her and Naked Snacks for a GIVEAWAY!

On Thursday, Oct. 4th,  enter to win $150 of @mynakedsnacks and a Romper of your choice. Head over to Instagram on Thursday to Follow @thebirdspapaya@mynakedsnacks and @smashtess and tag a friend in the comments of the GIVEAWAY post. Because who doesn't love to romp and snack?!

Good luck! xx

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