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MEET JILLIAN HARRIS, Host of Love It or List It Vancouver, former Bachelorette, Blogger and Influencer

Jillian Harris really doesn’t need an introduction because we all know and love her… but in case you’ve been living under a rock or are *GASP* not on Instagram, here’s a quick rundown all about Jilly!

Jillian Harris has a popular lifestyle blog (www.jillianharris.com) and is the co-host of Love It or List It Vancouver. She is known for appearing on ABC’s T.V. shows the Bachelor and Bachelorette. With all of that under her belt, what we love most about Jillian is that she shares real, oftentimes hilarious, glimpses into her life as a busy, working mom. These include days that she may not brush her teeth until 2pm (relatable!) to the more glamourous moments on the set of her show and everything in between!

Jillian is passionate about trying to support Canadian brands and ethically made products, openly sharing her journey in trying to make better choices while being raw and honest about not always being perfect. Jillian has worn and loved many Smash + Tess Rompers over the years and now we are so excited to be launching the new JH x ST Collection on January 28th, 2019!

Jillian Harris Rompers for Smash + Tess | JH X ST Collection

Designed by Jillian Harris, this 3-piece collection for women and little ones comes in two signature colours, Annie Almond and Pasutto Peach. Jillian designed a nursing friendly Romper (hello, Henley buttons!) that is cute, comfy and cozy for all women, while the cuffed ankles give a feminine fit. The Jilly Bean Mini is unisex and perfectly cozy and cute for twinning with our little ones. We love the idea that our #smashtessfam have their GALentines Day uniform on lock!

Jillian Harris Rompers for Smash + Tess | Team Jilly in the JH X ST Collection


We’re so grateful that Jillian is a part of the #smashtessfamthrough and through so let’s learn a little bit more about her:

What inspired you to start your blog and build your brand?

I love connecting with people and I love story telling. After the Bachelor and Bachelorette, I really had fun answering questions, suggesting which stores to shop at and chatting with people all over the world. Somehow, it has kind of turned into a career and I’m so grateful for it!

I hope most people know me for being mostly happy, mostly real, fun, funny or just funny looking sometimes haha! I hope you know me for being a friend and a place you can come to get inspired, or feel better about being an exhausted mama. If anything, hopefully you can come to my profile, website or channel to just window shop and take a breather!

Jillian Harris Rompers for Smash + Tess | Jillian Harris Rompers for Kids in the JH X ST Collection

What's the best piece of advice that has shaped your journey?

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. It’s my fave and it’s SO true. (Thanks Wayne Gretzky… even though I don’t even like hockey lol!)

One tip for building your own brand?

Put on your blinders. Don’t worry about what others are doing. You are killing it, you are beautiful, you have talent. Keep reminding yourself of how awesome you are and every time someone says you can’t do it, let that be the fire that pushes you harder.

Jillian Harris Rompers for Smash + Tess | Jillian Harris Mini Rompers for Kids in the JH X ST Collection

What does your ultimate Sunday consist of?

Kids, dog and coffee in bed. Spilling coffee in bed. Not showering, living in my Romper. then another romper because the first one got spilled on. Or I just live in a dirty Romper all day … Paw Patrol, Justin making breakfast. If it’s summer we are in the yard or in the pool. If it’s winter we are in the kitchen or in bed most of the day.  Sometimes, Nana and Nono pick up Leo for church then I get a morning-ish to myself. But I’ve learned over the years to really try to do NOTHING on Sundays…

Current Netflix binge?

Paw Patrol Season 5!  

Who inspires you?

My Grandma. She’s so giggly, open minded and funny. She’s happy all the time, and grateful for any small damn thing.

Jillian Harris Rompers for Smash + Tess | Jillian Harris Women's Romper, Annie Almond Romper, JH X ST Collection
Jillian Harris Rompers for Smash + Tess | Jillian Harris Women's Romper, Pasutto Peach Romper, JH X ST Collection

Desert Island beauty product?


Fave place to rock your Romper?

Upstairs, kitchen, bathroom, bed, around the yard, on the porch… lol…

Jillian Harris Rompers and Mini Rompers for Smash + Tess | Jillian Harris Women's Jumpsuit, Pasutto Peach Romper, JH X ST Collection

Whose poster did you have on your bedroom wall when you were 12 years?

CORY HAIM … omg he was so hot!

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the new collection designed by Jillian Harris! Head over to @smashtess to ask questions or tell us what you think in the comments on our last post on Insta!


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