A dream come true for dreamwear!

Today’s the day! We’re launching our latest collaboration with self-love queen, Sarah of The Bird’s Papaya. We’re SO excited to introduce another exciting collection with Sarah, and in our most inclusive sizing range yet.

We sat down with Sarah to chat about the inspiration for the designs, how the fashion industry can continue to innovate in inclusive ways, and the latest chapter in her motherhood journey, welcoming sweet Lemmie to the world!

What inspired the Squirrel Romper? Tell us a little bit about your special relationship with squirrels.

So this is a two parter, because they’re actually NOT related. Years ago I came across a maxi dress, and bought it, only to discover it had two leg holes and when held up, resembled what a friend referred to as a flying squirrel. So we coined it my squirrel suit. It was my favorite thing. Problem was: it was poorly made, impossible to find again and fell apart after one summer.

The squirrels themselves, well, we discovered we had a nest in our pool shed and began to feed them, and created a pink little picnic table for them to eat and live their best lives.

So all in all, I am a squirrel woman now. Both in fashion and in life.

How will you be rocking the Squirrel Romper this summer? Do you have any styling tips for our #smashtessfam?

The BEST part about the Squirrel Romper is you forget about your body and just enjoy your days. You can layer it for cooler days, create a pop of colour with a bralette underneath, throw a jacket over it, anything. It’s a mix between a maxi dress and Romperalls...with a twist!

How would you like to see the fashion industry continue to innovate in the future to become more inclusive?

I think we just need to strive to pay more attention to the gaps, voice that we’d like to see inclusive sizing EVEN IF it’s not for us, or for our sizing. We all deserve to live our best lives, and in style, and to shop and share experiences TOGETHER not apart! I once had to shop in separate stores and I’ll never forget that feeling of being left out from the mainstream stuff. I don’t ever want anyone to feel that, so I do my best to prevent those feelings with small steps every day.

You’ve talked a lot about your journey to loving and accepting your body. What advice would you give to someone struggling to get to this place of self-love?

My best advice is to be ok with the fact that you don’t LOVE your body. Self-love shouldn't’ feel like just another thing you’re failing at. The point is to show up in love FOR your body, whatever that looks like for you. Whether it’s wearing the shorts, and the two pieces, or wearing what makes you feel the least distracted by your body so you can focus on the living part - you know how to love you best, so do that!

How is life with sweet baby Lemmie?

Chaotic and beautiful. Honestly. Babies are SO much, and I mean that from 2am to 11pm...so much. It’s so amazing to watch a human just blossoming into who they are before your own eyes.

Do you have any summer adventures planned with your fam?

With the world opening up we’re taking it day by day. I imagine we will have several day trips in order, and lots of time in the pool and seeing friends again!

How do you practice self-care as a busy mama and entrepreneur?

It’s pretty hard, actually. Boundaries always feel like walls, and I’m focusing on them being like bridges. I can’t reply to every DM, text, email, voicemail. But I can do my best and create time and space to do as much as I can and then STOP. We glamorize hustle so much, and rarely rest! So I’m working on it.

Who are your fave people to follow on IG right now?

Sydney Bell, Alicia McCarvell, BetchesMoms, Glennon Doyle!

By Smash+Tess

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