S+T x The Birds Papaya – Self-Love and Showing Up

S+T x The Birds Papaya – Self-Love and Showing Up

A dream come true for dreamwear!

At Smash + Tess, we love to use our platform for partnership—collaborating with incredible people who have something to say! If you’ve been around here for a while, you know how much we love to work with Sarah Landry @thebirdspapaya—an empowering advocate for self-love and body positivity!

To anyone just tuning in, Sarah is a body confidence advocate, speaker, writer, occasional model, podcast host and a much-loved part of the #smashtessfam. As we all know, when women work together amazing things happen and that’s only one of the reasons our newest collab with Sarah is a very special one. The crew at S+T shares Sarah’s belief that women need to look out for and lift each other up. So, we’re very thankful Sarah took a moment to share with us about our newest collab piece - the Kimi Coveralls - a family that roots for her, the inspiration women give her, and the power of showing up for your own life. Let’s get deep!


We’re so excited to collaborate with you again on the Kimi Coveralls. You named this style after your mom, which gives us the warm fuzzies. Mom as muse! In what ways does your mom inspire other aspects of your life?

Well, for starters - the love of the colour pink! My mom is just such an incredible woman and truly has taught me so much about patience, kindness, and thinking beyond yourself. She’s also known to dye her hair pink and wear things she loves, and push her own boundaries, it’s so inspiring.


You’re a valued and treasured source of powerful self-love advice for so many people. Who do you look to when you’re seeking incredible advice and positive inspiration?

I look to those that I witness are showing up in their own lives. Doing the dang things, enjoying things unapologetically. It’s a contagious energy that I often absorb when I see it.


What has been the most stand-out piece of wisdom or inspiration you’ve received recently? You know the kind, those words that stick with you and pop back into your mind when you’re working through something.

That balance doesn’t have to exist. For me, I struggle trying to seek this perfect balance, but the reality with four kids and a career, is that things are going to be imbalanced some days. That’s life. We’re all doing our best.


Your online platforms emphasize empowerment and the ability to uplift those around us. You’re raising future women and men – how do you teach those lessons of empowerment to your kids IRL?

Kids do what they see and know. The best way I can teach is by my own honesty, transparency and work on myself so that they (hopefully) choose to do that for themselves. We all in our own experiences long to be validated. I hope to validate each of them through their stories and life so that they continue to pursue themselves in a world that will tell them how and who to be.

What’s your favourite part about collaborating with other women-led brands?

Like I said, it’s a contagious energy to witness people showing up in their own lives. Women-led businesses are often just that. But with a listening ear and willingness to do more, be more, become more.


How do you think fashion empowers women? How can we all enhance this?

I think it can, yeah! Like paint to a canvas, it’s an artistic and stylistic expression of who we are. Sometimes it’s a trend, sometimes it’s comfort, sometimes it’s lifestyle and sometimes it’s just something we wish to exude that day!


Who lifted you up when you were beginning this journey? Is there anyone whose accomplishments forged a path for you?

My kids. They’ve been there, rooting me on in every season. Not only that, but a constant reminder to be who your kids believe you to be and live up to that level of hype - it changed me and changed the way I showed up.


Can you tell us about an experience in your life when women really supported other women, and what was gained?

When I first quit my job to pursue blogging and creating full time, it was without hesitation that a number of women led brands immediately booked me, helping me get through those first months of complete terror of if I could really do it. It meant the world, and I’m happy that I still work with every single one of those brands today.


Last question – what does the world need more of?

More showing up at every stage, less shame for how we do.



All that amazing collaborative spirit led to one of our new favourite pieces, the Kimi Coveralls, which are inspired by and designed for strong, independent women everywhere! Think modern-day power suit, with an edgy twist. Shop it now here. Thanks to Sarah for yet again showing up as a source of that contagious energy!


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