S+T x Kaitlin Hargreaves - Introducing the Bridal Collection

S+T x Kaitlin Hargreaves - Introducing the Bridal Collection

A dream come true for dreamwear!

We bet you’ve come across Kaitlin Hargreaves and her eye for beauty before. Kaitlin is an artist and content creator who began her career in makeup artistry and soon expanded into all things easy on the eyes. With her passion (and talent!) for beauty, we were so excited to team up with her to create an especially exciting collection: a bridal collab that Kaitlin herself will rock when she ties the knot this winter!! 

We caught up with Kaitlin to chat about her upcoming nuptials, her creative inspirations and what’s to come next in her quest for artistic expression. Read on! 

As a content creator and an artist, you’re no stranger to the creative process! What is the most important step of your creative process? How do you get inspired to create?  

The most important step in my creative process is to get out of my own head and have fun! It’s hard to force creativity, so you need to go for it when the mood hits! If you’re too bogged down by stress and the minutia of everyday life you won’t give yourself the moments to let your creativity flow!  

This collab was especially exciting since it’s bridal and – you’re about to be a bride! Which part of your wedding are you most excited for?  

I’m most excited for the PARTY!! So much planning, time, money, and so many decisions to make. I’m excited to marry Keith obviously lol, but we are basically already married. So I’m really looking forward to the epic party that will ensue.  

You designed the beautiful print of the Poppin’ Bottles Robe. What was your inspiration for the colours and pattern?  

Fun spring/summer vibes that incite elation and happiness.... but with a soft and pretty color palette so you can keep up a classy appearance while still keeping up your badass bitch reputation.  

We’re so looking forward to the pictures of your big day! Are there any décor or design highlights you picked that you’re excited to see come to life (and willing to share with us in advance)?  

The “theme” is a bit of a secret... but I can tell you the design and decor are going to be WILDDDDDD. We’ve pulled out all the stops and are creating an epic night that will be an orgasm for your eyeballs!  

Your love and talent for creating beauty led you into the worlds of art and fashion. Where will it take you next?  

I have a few ideas in my back pocket... I’ve sort of let go of the makeup world over the past couple years and transitioned into more art/design-based work... that being said, I do have a project that I’m starting to work on that is bringing me back into the beauty industry, so stay tuned!!  

Bad a** brides and non-brides alike are going to be obsessed with the beautiful, personalized touches that you put into this collection! Thank you, Kaitlin, for getting us all inspired to celebrate ourselves and explore our inner creativity. Check out the hot new collab now! 


By Smash+Tess

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