A dream come true for dreamwear!

The inimitable Jam Gamble is a public speaker and coach who is passionate about helping people rock a room and #slaythemic!

We teamed up with Jam to create the Mic Slayer Romper—a fresh take on the Harris Hoodie designed to help you feel your most bold and confident. Let’s dive in and learn a little more about the woman behind the Romper!  

You manifested this collab by using your voice on your social channels. Has manifestation helped you make any other goals a reality?  

Oh, absolutely! I am a firm believer in speaking things into existence. Anytime I’m getting ready to launch a new cohort, I always have a conversation with the universe about who I want to attract into my program and what I want the outcome to be. But I don’t think I’ve ever spoken with such conviction when I declared that I will have my own Romper. I’ve jumped on social media and used my voice to target brands before, but I never felt as determined to make it happen. I think this goal was different because I was manifesting a collab that I felt was completely outside my realm, yet attainable at the same time. I began to imagine what it would look like, who would buy it, how they would feel when wearing it, and I just couldn’t let that dream go. Now that it’s actually happened, my eyes are set on even bigger goals. Nothing is off limits. 

What inspired this goal in the first place?

Last year I was wearing a onesie and was scrolling through IG when I saw a new drop from S+T. I kid you not, out of nowhere I said, “imagine if I had my own Romper?!” I noticed that everybody who had done previous collaborations were popular public figures who had over a million followers. Little old me with my 15k followers at the time thought to myself, “I don’t need a blue check, I don’t need to have a million followers. I’m capable of launching, selling and being successful without all of those things.” I wanted to prove that I didn’t need to be “up there” to launch my own Romper and could still achieve the same success.  

How do you feel when you put on your #MicSlayer Romper? How do you want others to feel?  

Honestly, I’ve only put it on once and that was at the photoshoot! It’s actually in a S+T bag upstairs right now and I can’t wait to get it on!  But how do I feel? I don’t think it’s sunk in yet. I think it’s really going to hit me when I see people sharing on IG that they ordered it and then start wearing it. The happy tears will definitely start flowing then. I’ve always said that what I do is not only about me. Slay The Mic is not just a slogan that encourages people to use their voice, it’s also a community that is made up of people from around the world. I look at this collaboration and see a Romper for the people. I want people to feel so sure about their voice when they put it on. I want them to wear it when they’re about to have a difficult conversation or when they share their story and they need to wear something that makes them feel hella sure about using their voice. I hope people look at this as more than just a Romper or an outfit—this is a tribute to our voices. 

You believe that your voice is your superpower. Who is using their voice right now in a way that inspires you? 

Recently I’ve been inspired by Black superhouses like Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka. When Black women use their voice to establish boundaries, we are often seen as a threat and if someone isn’t tone policing us already, we find ourselves biting our tongue or suppressing our pain so that we don’t come across as combative.  It was incredibly encouraging to see the two of them using their voice to say “I said what I said, no take backs, I’m not doing it.” I feel as if they set a new example of what it is to use your voice as a woman of colour and gave us the permission slip many of us needed to establish boundaries in our lives. Gabrielle Union has also inspired me by using her voice to address what was happening while working on set. And again, tons of women, especially women of colour, face so much in the workplace and often don’t speak out for fear of being reprimanded, losing their jobs, being black-listed etc. I’m also grateful to Layla F. Saad, whose words have also reminded me that in spite of these fears, I can and SHOULD speak out because my feelings matter too. 

What are some of your favourite affirmations for days when you need a mood/confidence boost?  

  • Every time I open my mouth I’m improving.  
  • My words + my voice + my energy, is a beautiful combination. 
  • People can learn from what I have to say.  
  • I said what I said.  

Because I call myself the Slayer of the Mic, it’s easy for people to assume that I’m always confident, strong and sure of what I have to say. Even though I created my affirmations to help others, I don’t use them myself. Instead, I go back and read kind comments and messages from my community or strangers online who have thanked me for helping them reconnect with their voice. Those messages always boost my serotonin levels and reminds me why I do what I do. 

Aside from putting their #MicSlayer Romper on, what advice do you have for our #smashtessfam who need some help finding the courage to share their voice unapologetically? 

Once you love, trust, and honour your voice, you will feel courageous enough to use it unapologetically in every aspect of your life. Naturally one will ask, “Well, how do I do THAT?!” I encourage people to ask themselves the following questions whenever they feel unsure about using their voice: 

  • What’s the intention behind my message? 
  • Is this message/idea/conversation important to me? 
  • Do I believe in what I’m going to say?  
  • Will it help someone else? 
  • Does what I have to say have the potential to change my life? 

If you answered yes to these questions, then it’s time for you to speak up. It’s not about being courageous or 100% confident, we just have to believe in what we have to say, and then say it! 

By Smash+Tess

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