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The verdict is in – and Smash + Tess is EVERYWEAR.

SO, what does this mean exactly?! Our versatile Romper and other pieces are available in countless colors, sizes, and styles to complement every lifestyle. Whether you’re going out for the night or enjoying an everyday casual look, S+T is perfect for every occasion! 

Smash + Tess can be worn everywhere, pairs with everything, for everyone, and worn every day. It’s EVERYWEAR.


From bridal parties to relaxing days at the office, we’ve spotted our #smashtessgirls rockin’ their Rompers EVERYWHERE. Here are some examples of where to show off your fave S+T outfit!

Lounging at Home

Hittin' the Town

At the Office

Out of Office

Extra Special Days


Although S+T Rompers and other styles look fab with slippers and a housecoat, these staples also pair well with EVERYTHING in your closet. If you’re going out for the night, try dressing it up with some heels (or flats) and a trendy coat of your choice. Add statement jewellery to tie it all together, like a long necklace, a chunky bracelet, or funky earrings. 

Dress it Up

Running through airports, shopping malls, or grocery stores? If you want to make it casual, pair your S+T outfit with an oversized or well-fitted denim jacket. Also, don’t forget your comfy runners… nobody has time for blisters!

Make it Casual


Whether you’re one or ninety-one, size XXS or XXL, we have something for everyone! As our top selling Romper fabric is a sustainable rayon from bamboo and cotton, it provides the ultimate cosiness that EVERYONE can appreciate. Be sure to check out our visual size guide to find your perfect fit.

It’s the feeling of slipping into your fave S+T outfit, and being your most confident self. It’s feeling good at ANY size, just as you are. That’s what we call 

For the Minis

For the Guys


No matter what, live EVERY DAY feeling comfortable and stylish. Whether you’re hanging with your besties, enjoying quality family time, or getting ready for a special occasion, S+T is here for you!

Smash + Tess is EVERYWEAR.

Contest Alert!

We are giving you 9 chances to win a Romper of your choice and the 10th winner will get a $500 shopping spree at Smash + Tess! Now through March 2nd, join us in celebrating and share everywhere you wear your S+T tagging @smashtess #everywear in your Instagram stories and/or feed and you could have a brand new Romper to rock! Get creative, show it off, and have FUN!



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