smash + tess bridal romper packages


A dream come true for dreamwear!

Hey #smashtessgirls and #smashtessbrides! I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself! My name is Megan and I am the Customer Care Coordinator! Not only do I oversee our customer service department, but I am the one answering all your bridal questions!

smash + tess bridal romper packages

I got married last July, a few months before I started working at Smash + Tess. I have always been a long time fan of the company and knew that I needed to have rompers for myself and my bridesmaids. I ordered the Sweetheart Romper in Bridal White for myself and the Sunday Romper in Cinder-ella for my bridesmaids. While that isn’t a colour we carry anymore, we do have the Jillian Grey which is SUPER similar!

smash + tess bridal romper packages

I chose to order a bridal package through Smash + Tess for a few reasons. Not only did I want to be comfortable when I was getting ready, but I wanted to gift something to my bridesmaids that I knew they would be able to use again… and again, and again! I have to admit, I was distracted by the typical 'bride" and "bridesmaid" adorned robes, but ultimately I knew I wanted to gift my fav ladies with clothing that they would feel and look amazing in, long after the wedding!

Not only are they UBER comfortable, they also are super convenient when getting ready. I didn’t have to worry about having to get dressed the morning of (yep, I slept in it too!), AND, once my hair and makeup were done, the romper was so easy to slip off without having to worry about ruining my hair and makeup. Eat your heart out traditional Robe!

smash + tess bridal romper packages

Obviously this year has been the curveball that no one expected, #smashtessbrides! With wedding dates pushed, cancelled or moved to elopements, we hope that our bridal rompers can be the comforting hug you need on your big day!

Why not share this hug with your bridal party?! With things slowly going back to normal and weddings being planned for future dates, getting ready with your bridesmaids is back on the table! So be picture ready and #rompsohard on your big day- because we got you every day, and on your special day!

With our bridal packages, you have the choice of the Bridal White Sunday Romper or the Bridal White Sweetheart Romper. Bridal White, not your thing? No problem! You can choose any romper that is offered online (with just a few exclusions).

smash + tess bridal romper packages

And hey- are you vibing with the newest wedding trend of mixing and matching colors and styles? Well good news! We have a Romper that will appeal to each one of your bridesmaids- short sleeve, long sleeve, ruffle sleeve, grey, black… you name it!

Your wedding may not be exactly as you planned it, but we hope it is still the day you always wished for!

Click here to find out more about our bridal packages!

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