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The final artist we partnered with for #InternationalWomensDay is Gloria Muriel. Gloria Muriel, who goes by the name Glow, specializes in Fine Art and Murals. As a Mexico City native, now residing in San Diego, you can find her murals and collaborations throughout the US and MexicoMany of her incredible works are spread throughout San Diego, partnering with non-profits, city departments, corporations and private commissions.  

Her art is influenced by her inner child. This is amplified by being a mother of two girls, one who is blessed within the autism spectrum. She loves to highlight the beauty of innocence and wonder. She also celebrates the inspiration of the divine feminine in her artwork with a surreal, whimsicalpsychedelic connection to Mother Earth and the four elements- highlighted in the incredible artwork she created as part of this campaign. 

gloria muriel painting a mural

Can you tell us how your patch represents International Women’s Day? 

Honoring womanhood -mothers, sisters, grandmothers - played a huge role in creating this artwork for International Women’s Day. Being empowered and empowering other women. Knowing you have a community and sisterhood that has your back is the biggest way. 

Why did you choose the phrase ‘We Are Nature’? 

A lot of my art is nature-based. The connection we have with Mother Nature is something special we need to take care of. We need to find that unity and balance between us.   

Partial proceeds of our International Women’s Day collection will go towards two charities. One in Vancouver and one in LA. These charities help women that are dealing with daily food insecurities. If you’d like to donate directly to these charities, you can here (Vancouver) and here (LA). 

You can preview Gloria's artwork for our International Women’s Day campaign here. 

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