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A dream come true for dreamwear!

One question we get a lot is, how do you care for your Romper? We get it! If you’re like us, you love your Romper more than (well nearly more than) anything! They are your comfort, a hug when you need one. So, don’t worry, we’re here to help! Whether this means washing or storing, we have both answers for you!  

How to wash your Romper  

Our signature rompers are made from a bamboo + cotton blend. This is a more delicate knit, so it needs a bit more care than other garments.   

To ensure your Romper lives a long life, we recommend washing your romper inside out, on delicate/cold and laying it flat to dry! This can be on a drying rack or on the floor on top of a towel. We don’t recommend hanging it to dry, as the weight of the romper wet can sometimes be too much for the seams or cause the romper to stretch more than you’d like.    

We don’t recommend the dryer. This can cause pilling, shrinkage or cause the Romper to slowly fade. We know, dryers can be our best friend and time-saver, but trust us, you’re going to want to skip it for these!  

Our fashion rompers are made from a different material, so they all have different washing instructions. Overall, we do recommend hand washing these, and then laying them flat to dry.  

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How to store your Romper  

While you can hang our fashion pieces, we don’t recommend that you hang your rompers that are made from a bamboo + cotton blend. Over time, this will cause the romper to stretch, and no one wants that! We have the perfect way for you to fold and store your romper.  

Step 1:  

Lay the romper flat, front down  

how to fold a smash + tess romper

Step 2:   

Fold up the legs, and fold in the arms if it has sleeves  

how to fold a smash + tess romper

Step 3:  

Fold the bottom of the romper up, so it is now in half  

how to fold a smash + tess romper

Step 4:   

Fold the romper right to left  

how to fold a smash + tess romper

Step 5:  

Fold the romper in half again  

how to fold a smash + tess romper

Perfection! Now you have a perfect little romper package to store in your drawer!  

We love helping our community with all questions you may have! If you have any questions that we haven’t covered, please feel free to send an email to our Customer Care team at, otherwise, please take a look at our FAQ page! 

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