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Shaughnessy is the owner of Studio Sashiko where she works as a Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattoo Artist.  Shaughnessy has worked in the tattoo industry for over 10 years and opened Studio Sashiko with her husband in 2015. She has been known for her microblading services and has been considered the eyebrow guru but she has been doing more than that as a business owner and artist. 

She specializes in tattooing natural, hair-like eyebrows for clients who have experienced hair loss and restoring realistic-looking nipples for those who have undergone a mastectomy. Her work has been helping cancer survivors reconnect with their body during the recovery process.    

They now have 6 resident Cosmetic Tattoo Artists working alongside them and 3 Scalp Micropigmentation Artists at their brother company, Ink Barber. Both of her businesses are dedicated to helping men and women feel better about themselves after experiencing hair loss, cancer and other conditions. 

We’re inspired by her amazing creativity and the impact she has on others. We sat down with Shaughnessy to learn more about her:

Shaughnessy Keely Wears Women's Rompers and Loungewear by Smash + Tess Shaughnessy Keely Wears Women's Rompers by Smash + Tess

What inspired you in your journey and how did you get your start?

I have always worked in and around the tattoo industry and definitely saw a need for realistic-looking cosmetic tattooing. I wanted to help people in a different way than just giving them the look of permanent makeup. I wanted to help restore features that they had lost due to trauma or illness. While attending Art University, I decided to also study the art of cosmetic tattoos! I began posting my portfolio on social media and the followers and clients started multiplying! What I thought might have been a part-time job, quickly turned into my lifelong career! So thankful!!

What’s the best piece of advice that has shaped your journey?

Never stop learning! In an ever-evolving industry such as cosmetic tattooing, there is always something new to learn. When dealing with a client’s precious canvas, I am constantly inspired to research, practice and try to perfect my craft!

One tip for building your own brand?

Take great photos! My biggest pet peeve is when brands have great products or services, but aren’t showcasing them with quality photos! Invest in a camera as well as good lighting and your work will speak for itself!

What does your ultimate Sunday consist of?

Going for brunch with my husband and hanging at home with our three dogs!

Fave place to rock your Romper?

At work! I twist and turn and contort myself in all sorts of ways while I am tattooing. My romper allows me to work SO comfortably while looking and feeling great! (Shaughnessy is wearing The Romperalls.) 

Shaughnessy Keely Wears Women's Loungewear by Smash + Tess Shaughnessy Keely Wears Women's Rompers by Smash + Tess

Current Netflix binge?

THIS IS US! I have fallen in love with the characters and could watch the series over and over.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by my fellow brow artists at Studio Sashiko! They work SO hard and are SO talented! They inspire me every day to keep going and continue to grow our little studio!

Desert Island beauty product?

I should probably say SPF but the real answer is brow gel. 🤷🏼

Which guilty pleasure Instagram accounts are your fave Insta-follows?

I follow a lot of dogs and a lot of pigs and a lot of fashionable children... is that weird?

Whose poster did you have on your bedroom wall when you were 12 years?




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  • holly - Nov 13, 2019

    Love Shaughnessy! She’s known as one of the best in Vancouver. I couldn’t afford her, so I went with someone else called Eden but she did an excellent job so I can’t complain!

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