jam gamble sat on leather chair wearing smash + tess romper


A dream come true for dreamwear!


You’ve seen her on our Instagram, showing off her happy dance while unboxing and trying on her Tuesday Romper in Sahara Tiger. She exudes confidence and positivity. Her attitude invites you to want to connect with her, learn more about her and most definitely give her a follow on Instagram (@iamjamgamble)! 

We saw all your comments on how you’d love to be her friend, hang out with her and all the happiness she brought to your day! We couldn’t wait to get to know her more and introduce you all to her with her own feature on our blog! 

jam gamble sat on leather chair wearing grey smash + tess romper

For those who may not know you, what is one fun, unique fact about you? 

I absolutely love bowling. If I ever have kids, they WILL be in a league and I will be a bowling mom. For first dates, I used to go bowling and if I ended up beating the guy, we rarely had a second date. My husband and I never went bowling when we were dating and low and behold, we ended up getting married. Go figure! 

You aim at transforming voices into a person’s superpower. What is your best-kept secret you can share with our #smashtessfam? 

Treat your voice like your favourite song. Listen to it on repeat, jam out to it, and sing out loud as often as you can. 

As a Public Speaking Coach, how did you know this path was your calling? 

I never planned on becoming a coach! It was never a part of my game plan. In the 2nd season of my TV show, I decided to explore public speaking and started getting booked for small gigs in my city. After these events, I was often approached by people from the audience, and they would ask me how I looked and sounded so comfortable on stage. The more people asked me, the more I started to realize that this was an area people needed help in and I impulsively launched my program. Clearly, God had a plan for me and 5 years later, over 700 people have learned how to #SlayTheMic. Starting my program is one of my proudest accomplishments. 

jam gamble sat on leather chair wearing grey smash + tess romper

You are so outgoing, optimistic and confident. What are some tricks and tips you may have for someone struggling in those areas? 

As bubbly as I appear, I have my down days because I’m human! When I’m not feeling my best, I love doing a self-check where I go through a shortlist of my accomplishments and things I love about myself. I AM MY OWN HYPE GIRL and whoever reading this, should be too!  

When you do your self-check, ask yourself questions like, “Who’s the best mama? I am! Who launched that business? I did! Who’s rocking the hell outta this romper? MEEEE!” Don’t just wait till you’re feeling less than to celebrate yourself: remind yourself every day how special and incredible you are. 

Spring is finally here! How do you change up your routines with the new season? 

Good question! I don’t have a routine, but I try to implement as many new healthy habits as I can during the year. With the weather warming up, I am trying REALLY, REALLY, hard to wake up before my alarm and set some time aside to reflect and have breakfast in my kitchen rather than in my car. When it comes to my outfits though, it’s officially time for me to wear as many bright outfits as possible! 

You recently tried our new Knot Your Average Romper! What is your fave way to style that Romper? 

One word: accessories! Big and bright earrings are my go-to accessories to jazz up the Knot Your Average Romper. Once it warms up, I’ll be busting out my snakeskin Birkenstocks and other fun sandals to accentuate the cute knots so that my overall look is far from average! 

jam gamble sat on leather chair wearing grey smash + tess romper

You also tried our Tuesday in Sahara Tiger (our new fave neutral)! How do you style that Romper to bring out your personality? 

That Romper is everything and THEN some! I’ve gotten so many compliments on it! The most popular go-to option is my crop denim jacket, but I recently paired it with a black shacket, a pair of beige Converse, and a salmon pair of textured earrings and it was a HIT! Because it’s a neutral colour, there are so many ways I can make it POP and create a new look every time. 

What does your ultimate Sunday look like? 

Since Sunday is my only day off, I make it my goal to sleep in, have coffee in bed, snuggle with my fur babies, and eat a big plate of french toast and bacon. Sunday afternoons are also our designated haircut days. Fortunately, my husband and I are each other’s barbers. Fresh cut = happy Jam! I also make time to make a fresh batch of lemon ginger bone broth and end my day with a facial.  

jam gamble wearing tiger print smash + tess romper

Fave pump-up song? 

Too many to list! It totally depends on the event. When I’m getting ready to #SlayTheMic, ‘Funky Town’ (Lipps, Inc.) and ‘Don’t leave me this way’ (Thelma Houston) get me in the zone! If I’m having a photoshoot, ‘Give it to me baby’ (Rick James) gets me in the mood to pose! 

What does being a part of the #smashtessfam mean to you? 

I love rocking brands that make clothes EVERY woman can feel/look comfortable and confident in. Unfortunately, I have seen a couple of brands that fail to have women of colour represented in their campaigns and I am very proud to be a part of a community that has features of women of all shades. 

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