Happy Father’s Day to the #SmashTessDads

Happy Father’s Day to the #SmashTessDads

A dream come true for dreamwear!

In keeping with our Father’s Day tradition, we caught up with our resident #SmashTessGuy, Mike Martignago.

Mike is our Co-Founder and CEO, Ashley’s hubby and dad to Frankie and Stella. Because we’re celebrating all dads and father figures today, we asked Mike a few things about his fatherhood journey.  

Since last Father’s Day you became a dad of two! How was the transition welcoming Stella into the world?  

It's funny looking back at how stressed we were as parents when we just had one child (Frankie), and how much we've grown with Stella. It may sound weird, but as heartbreaking and emotionally draining as it was to have Stella in the NICU for her first month, the silver lining is that it eased Ashley and I into the transition of going from one child to two. Initially it was a little stressful, but as the months have passed, we've become very comfortable with the two-kid life. With Frankie being three years older, it's so awesome to have her interact with Stella and help along the way.  

What have you learned from being a Dad to two fierce and adorable littles?  

Probably making sure that Frankie is getting the attention she needs as sometimes the older child has some difficulty adjusting to having a new, cute sibling. We’re just really fortunate that Frankie has embraced Stella and her role as the big sister. And of course, always keeping my head on a swivel!  You have to always keep an eye on where they are, especially now that Stella is on the move! 

What’s your favourite thing about being Frankie & Stella’s Dad?  

I sometimes catch myself looking at them when they’re playing and interacting, and I see how adorable, and sweet, and beautiful they are. I just count myself so lucky to have them and Ashley. I guess just being their dad is my favorite thing. 

COVID has meant close quarters for everyone this past year. How was your experience as a WFH Dad?  

It's been amazing to be able to be home and see the kids so often throughout the day. I do run into the odd “Frankie barging in during a call,” or loud screaming from time to time, but I think it's fairly standard and expected at this point.  In terms of my posture however, that's taken a beating! I just never made the change to set up a desk, so I've been mainly working from my bed. It has its moments, but a desk and two monitors would have been a better call.  

Most of your family is still in Vancouver while you and Ashley live in LA. What’s that been like and are you looking forward to seeing them soon with restrictions beginning to lift?  

Naturally as time has passed, it’s become more difficult, frustrating and upsetting. My parents are a little older, so I can’t wait to see them as soon as I can along with my brother, sister, niece, nephew and all my friends. I won’t lie when I say that in the past when we’ve returned for a visit, and gone from 25 degrees Celsius to 6, I would quietly ask Ashley after a day or so, “uhhhhhh, should we go home now?!” But I don’t think I’ve been this excited in a long, long time to get back home and see everyone and enjoy a Vancouver summer. 

You sparked hot debate with the infamous ‘shower beer’ series on Instagram. Where do you stand on shower beers these days? Have you expanded your shower beverage game at all?  

To set the record straight, I don't have shower beers often. There are a lot of factors to consider. If it's first thing in the morning, or late at night, or I'm not thirsty, clearly, I'm not having a shower beer LOL. But, if it's after an activity, or it’s really hot, or I’ve been working on the house or in the yard, I'm 3000% for it. Ashley asked recently if any other drinks would work, and I really put a lot of thought into it. I honestly don’t think any other alcoholic beverages work in the shower. You’re not doing that with wine, or a gin and tonic, or a hard seltzer. It’s a beer – a lager specifically – all the way. 

How will you be #RompingSoHard this Father’s Day?  

Comfortably. Hopefully being able to sleep past 5:30am. Ideally a lazy morning. Maybe a Father’s Day brunch with Ashley and the kids? A lot of coffee. Watching Italy play Wales at Euro 2020. 

Frankie and Stella are lucky to have you, Mike 😊
Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!  

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