Cozy up with Kaitlyn Bristowe!

Cozy up with Kaitlyn Bristowe!

A dream come true for dreamwear!

Get ready to cozy up with the one and only Kaitlyn Bristowe!

We’ve partnered with the beloved Bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars winner to bring you a collection made with cozier days in mind (glass on vino optional 😉).

Kaitlyn has captured the hearts of many with her bubbly personality and impressive dance skills and she has been one of our OG supporters — always rockin’ her Rompers SO well! 😍

Come As You Are is the heart and soul behind this collection, so Ash and Kaitlyn cuddled up by the fire with some wine and gave us the inside scoop on our new Uncork and Unwind Collection!

A: Ash from Smash + Tess
K: Kaitlyn Bristowe

A: I’m so excited because I’m here with Kaitlyn Bristowe, in Kentucky of all places…

K: Just a couple of Canadians in Kentucky!

A: Haha yes! I can remember the first time you wore Smash + Tess AND for me, this is full circle because the only Bachelorette I’ve ever watched was yours!

K: No way!

A: The only one! Because we were like “she’s Canadian!!!!”

K: Wait… not even Jillian Harris?!?!

A: Okay. Sorry, Jilly. I’m going back to watch that season immediately….

A: Okay okay, back on track. Tell me why Smash + Tess. Why this collab?

K: The first and most obvious is I love everything you stand for - you’re Canadian, you’re inclusive, you are all about comfort and owning who you are and that really resonated with me right off the bat. Cute, comfy, come as you are!

A: You’re currently wearing a very cozy jacket. Tell me why teddy?!

K: I’m all about comfort and teddy is just something you can either dress up or dress down. You just can’t go wrong. Every time I wear something teddy I get compliments that I look so cozy — and I am. And it’s got Canadian vibes, but works because it’s cold everywhere right now.

A: Even in the desert right now where I live, teddy fabric is the perfect thing to wear when the temps drop at night. You’re wearing the Unwind Long Teddy Hoodie in Classy Cream right now.

K: Yes! It’s like wearing a long blanket. And honestly, I picture myself wearing this on airplanes and it becoming my travel uniform.

A: Everyone will want to know, what is your favourite piece in the collection?

K: Not fair — I feel like that’s like asking me which wine is my favourite. But I’m going to go with the Uncorked Teddy Shacket. The one you have on right now. It’s the perfect dress up, dress down, cozy, practical item. The pockets have so much room to shove anything you need in there… phone, keys, you name it (looking at you, mamas).

A: You’re wearing a size small, and I would size normally I would put you in an XXS or XS, but I really like it oversized on you.

K: Yes! Oversized is so perfect because you can wear something super tight and sleek underneath and I’m SO INTO IT. So, you can size up or down if you want.

A: It’s true! And I’m wearing true to size and it’s still oversized vibes. I could do an XL, but it would be quite baggy.

K: Yes! And I could do an XS. So, it really depends on what your vibe is. You can’t go wrong.

A: Well, I am very excited about this. For me, I’ve been manifesting a Kaitlyn Bristowe x S+T collab, and it’s finally here and this feels like the perfect moment. This screams Kaitlyn Bristowe.

K: It makes sense and I love saying “come as you are”. That’s how I feel when I’m in Smash + Tess!

Whether you're hitting the slopes, playing outside on the farm, or curled up with the pups and a bottle of Spade and Sparrows rosé, the S+T x KB Uncork and Unwind Collection will keep you feeling cozy and oh so cute!

Shop it here on December 20th at 8 AM PT, while supplies last!

By Smash+Tess

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