We are listening, learning and implementing change

smash + tess team

Black lives matter. ⁣

Amplifying voices of BIPOC matters. ⁣

Fighting for those whose voices were stolen from them matters. 

We are taking a stand to help fight racism. Smash + Tess have donated to Black Lives Matter Canada and the NAACP, but we need to do more. Starting June 5th, 10% of sales from our Friday Rompers in Midnight Black will be donated to foundations that fight racism, oppression and inequality. The first two organizations we’ve chosen to start with are Black Women Connect Vancouver and Black Visions Collective

We continue to be committed to inclusivity in our hiring, business and marketing practices, but we know we still have work ahead of us. We are listening, learning and implementing change. ⁣

Together, we will #amplifymelanatedvoices. Here are some of the people we are currently learning from:⁣

Email us at info@smashtess.com with suggestions of who you would like to see us donate to next and who you are currently listening and learning from.

We love our S+T community, each and every one of you. We are humbled for all that you’ve shared with us and all that we continue to learn from you every day. ⁣

xx The S+T Team