Is the waffle pre-shrunk?

Yes, but it will relax with wear. The garment with snap back to its original shape after washing and air drying.

What is the Waffle made from?

The fabric is made from a 70% bamboo 30% cotton mix. It is the same signature fabric that you know and love in a cozy new waffle knit!

Will this relax with wear?

Yes - due to the waffle material, this will get a bit looser in the ‘pressure points’ such as your knees and bum but will return to the original shape with washing and drying. 

Can I hang this item?

No, the weight of the romper will cause the item to stretch. 

How do I dry the item?

Make sure to lay the garment flat to dry to avoid any extra stretch.

What is the best way to wash this item?

We recommend washing on a delicate, cold setting to ensure the fabric doesn’t pull, stretch or shrink. 

Why is there so much fluff?

We recommend air drying for 10 minutes on no heat to ensure there is no leftover lint. 

Do you recommend putting this in the dryer to reduce the relaxation?

No, this will cause the garment to shrink by 2-4 inches due to the fabric construction. We recommend keeping your S+T Waffle items out of the heat.