As a mother-daughter-bestie team, each of us has always had an obsession with stylish sleepwear. Matching pajamas have been one of our favorite traditions on Christmas morning since we can remember, but the search for cute, comfortable pajamas became nearly impossible as the years went by – there just wasn’t anything out there that we truly loved. A few years of brainstorming, dreaming & serious fashion schooling later, Smash + Tess was born, finally bringing women the dreamwear they deserve.


Founder / Principal / Managing Director

Ashley is a loving wife and a new mama to her baby girl Francesca aka “Frankie.” She was an educator for the better part of a decade and made the leap to corporate training and culture when she was offered a dream job in sunny Los Angeles. Although she loves it dearly, she still felt the need for a fun and fresh creative outlet – enter Smash + Tess. After finding a void in the loungewear market, she attended the summer fashion program at Conde Nast in London, UK, and the rest is history! 

 From designing, to finance, to coming up with fun and creative marketing campaigns, Ashley has enjoyed every moment of making Smash + Tess a reality. Smash + Tess has since allowed Ashley to channel her innovative side and celebrate women – and better yet, spend extra time with her best friend and mom.

Girl Crush

My best friends – they’re all superheroes. They are courageous, strong, and beautiful in their own unique ways. Whether it’s the supermom, the tree hugging biologist, the marketing guru, the yoga instructor, the mathematician, or the counselor – my best friends rock in their own ways and always challenge me to be as amazing as they are. Oh, and I love Beyonce… but who doesn’t?

Guilty Pleasure

I’m kind of a mess of contradictions. I have a vintage motorcycle, love camping and dirtbike riding. At the same time, I consider myself somewhat high maintenance (as my husband might put it) and love to travel, design clothing, and shop for hours with my mom. I love all things chocolate or candy related – and make a daily conscientious effort to steer clear of the Sweet Factory. 

Smash + Tess Fave

The original black Sunday Romper. It is chic, comfy, and super versatile. It was truly love at first sample.


Principal / Managing Director

As a dedicated wife and mother of three amazing boys, not to mention an accomplished retail professional, Mercedes is a full-time ‘Jill of all trades.’ She joined the Smash + Tess team as a way to step back into the industry after starting a family and hasn’t looked back! From creative directing photo shoots to sourcing fabric and managing production, Mercedes is a bona fide retail and merchandising powerhouse and can’t wait to see where the Smash + Tess adventure takes her next. 

Girl Crush

J-Lo… Cause she’s hot… and she’s a triple threat! (insert clap emoji)

Guilty Pleasure

I love dancing in my car to Janet Jackson! My mom put me in dance as soon as I could walk, so it’s kind of funny that I had three boys, like the world knew we didn’t need another dance mom! My husband would say that I am a professional shopper, and what can I say, I really do love shopping. I may have several online shopping carts happening right now…

Smash + Tess Fave

The Winter’s Paradise Kimono. It has a cool vintage vibe and it’s so cozy for around the house and transitions perfectly for a night out!


Founder / Owner / Operator

Working in the financial services industry for all of her career, Teresa has always believed in people helping people. Raised in Tsawwassen, British Columbia with three sisters, Teresa’s love of sleepwear started early in life. Pajama parties were commonplace at home, but Teresa was always frustrated that she couldn’t find any pajamas that were elegant yet playful. 

After her daughter Ashley attended fashion school in 2014, the duo decided to take the plunge with Smash + Tess. Teresa has lived in sunny Los Angeles for 20 years and enjoys downtime with her husband, puppy, family and friends.

Girl Crush

Melinda Gates. She is a killer boss babe who is well educated and fiercely confident. She, like me, considers one of the most important give-backs is her ability to assist in the advancement of women in leadership in all sectors.

Guilty Pleasure

I have a serious obsession with peanut butter, I love to cook, shop, and always enjoy a friendly round of golf – the course is my happy place!

Smash + Tess Fave

The Babydoll PJ Set. They give me those good time flashbacks to slumber parties and best friends!