Here's how it works:

  1. Submit an application via the form below – our team will be in touch within 48 hours!

  2. Once approved, create your fundraising campaign with help from our Customer Care team. We’ll set you up with everything you need for a successful fundraising campaign!

  3. Spread the word to your community! Share your unique fundraising coupon code with friends, family, and followers, and you’ll receive a percentage of proceeds from each order.

  4. Earn a post-fundraiser discount for you + your community to shop S+T

  • Empowering women to live big lives with ease and confidence!
  • Standing for inclusivity
  • Showing up for their community
  • Start your Raise with Rompers fundraiser today and see just how easy and comfortable it is to fundraise for your group! 

    Raise with Rompers faqs

    What is Raise with Rompers and how does it work? We'd love the #RomperRevolution to help raise money for your school or program’s fundraiser by earning 20% commission on your supporter’s purchases! Fill out our application form above, and upon approval your school or program will receive a unique code and marketing materials to distribute to your community.

    Who can apply? Parents, schools, teams (sports, clubs, etc) -- anyone that is fundraising!

    Is there any cost to participate? Our Raise with Rompers program is completely free for your school or program to participate in, and there are no additional costs for your supporters beyond what they are spending on their S+T order!

    Once my school or program has been approved, how do parents, friends + family from my school or organization participate? Upon approval, we will create a unique code that can be shared as far + wide as you’d like! Every time your supporters place an order using this code, your school or program earns 20% commission from that sale!

    I submitted an application, when will I hear back? All applications are reviewed by our team to determine your school or program’s eligibility, and you’ll hear back from us within two business days! If you’re approved, we’ll send over all the info to start fundraising ASAP!

    Are there any restrictions for my fundraising code? Your unique fundraising code will earn your school or program 20% commission on anything purchased on or during the designated fundraising dates, including sale items and collaboration collections!

    I have a discount code, can I use it on my fundraising order? Unfortunately not! Any discount codes or rewards redemption codes can’t be applied in addition to the unique fundraiser code.

    Can this code be applied to existing orders? Your unique fundraiser code can only be used on new orders placed within the fundraising window and cannot be applied retroactively.

    When will my school or program receive payment from Smash + Tess? Please allow an additional 30 days from the Fundraising Program’s end date for our team to issue payment!

    Does this code expire? This code will only work on orders placed during the fundraising window only.

    How can I earn a post-fundraiser discount code for my community? Once your fundraising period has ended and your commission has been issued, we’ll give your community a buildable 5% discount code for every 5 orders placed, up to 25% off, to use towards a future purchase.
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