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Tori is the face behind the popular blog Fraîche Nutrition, a food and lifestyle blog dedicated to helping women lead healthier lives, be inspired, and feed their families with simple nourishing meals. As a Registered Dietitian, Tori loves using fresh, healthy ingredients to create delicious and beautiful recipes that are attainable for the average woman (or man!) to try in their own kitchen. Tori has been working on her cookbook in collaboration with her cousin, Jillian Harris, and if you've been following along on Instagram, you'll know there have been many recipe experiments that have been successful and a few that didn't make the cut! Of course, her supportive family is always there to taste test everything!

As our #smashtessfam feature, we love Tori's endless energy to create, her sense of humour and those honest moments she shares in the glimpses behind the scenes on Insta. We sat down with Tori (@fraichenutrition) to learn more:

What inspired you to create Fraîche Nutrition?

Some lettuce wraps! But seriously, I was in a bit of a rut wanting a creative outlet. I made some lettuce wraps that I thought would be good to share and figured out how to create a blog. My cousin Jillian Harris has been a big inspiration for me and has helped me so much!

Tori Wesszer Food Blogger is featured on Smash + Tess, Women's Loungewear

What's the best piece of advice that has shaped your journey?

Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.  If you wait to have it all figured out you’ll miss the boat, just start SOMEWHERE!

One tip for building your own brand and business?

Don’t try to do too much too fast. Find one thing that you’re passionate about and focus on that until you’re ready to take more on. It’s easy to get impatient with the process but if you’re doing what you love and know it will come across then the success will follow! People can smell authenticity from a mile away!

What does your ultimate Sunday consist of?

Hanging out with my family.  I don’t care what we are doing really, but being outside in the summer is pretty high up there!  Like a picnic! Oh yes, with some yummy food that didn’t take all day to make! LOL

Tori Wesszer with her family

Current Netflix binge?

I don’t even have Netflix.  I’m one of those rare people who have ‘watch more TV’ on my goals.  I don’t even watch TV, I just don’t seem to find a good time to fit it in there’s so much I’d rather do!

Who inspires you?

Oh wow, how much many people can I name? The women in my life like my mom, Jillian Harris (my cousin), other fearless dietitians, Jamie Oliver, Barefoot Contessa, Martha Stewart, Joanna Gaines, tons of other bloggers… and my sweet kids and hubby Charles!

Food Blogger Tori Wesszer is featured on Smash + Tess

Desert Island beauty product?

Tweezers (with a good mirror of course). Haha, isn’t aging fun?! But beyond that, some Fresh Rose Facial Mist, a good moisturizer (maybe one with some SPF like Josie Maran so I am recognizable when they rescue me?).

Fave place to rock your Romper?

At my desk – it’s soooo comfy it makes working so much more enjoyable! And I feel so cute in them! I swear, I get more great work done!

(We think you look cute in the Saturday Romper too! 😍)

Food Blogger Tori Wesszer wearing sleeveless Romper from Smash + Tess

Which guilty pleasure Instagram accounts are your fave Insta-follows?

I love Smitten Kitchen – she’s a genius!  The Feed Feed, Food 52, Minimalist Baker, Monika Hibbs, Studio McGee and of course, Jillian Harris.  I could go on, so much talent out there!

Whose poster did you have on your bedroom wall when you were 12 years?

I didn’t have posters, my mom pretended I was Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind and decorated my room with a canopy bed, perfect floral sheets etc. It was really beautiful so I can’t blame her, I’m not sure if I even ever asked to put one up haha! But if I could it would have been Patrick Swayze I suppose... I was hard core in love with Dirty Dancing!

Now you see why we love Tori! She's a breath of fraiche air! 😉

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