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As business owners, mamas, and besties, we’ve been so lucky to build a community of inspiring, amazing women. We love reading your comments and seeing you in your Rompers on Insta plus we design our loungewear with you in mind so your opinions mean so much to us! Our #smashtessfam is are what makes this all possible and so much fun!

To highlight our incredible supporters, mentors and inspirational women that have cheered us on and made us reach higher, we will be featuring a new #smashtessfam every month! This month, we’re excited to introduce you to our very FIRST #smashtessfam feature:

MIRIAM ALDEN, Founder & Creative Director of BRUNETTE THE LABEL

Chances are you own a Brunette or Blonde sweatshirt or have seen their clothing everywhere. Yet while Miriam’s business is wildly successful, she stays humble and grounded. Miriam is the ultimate boss babe and is the perfect #smashtessfam because she’s all about positivity, treating others with kindness and creating an inclusive, supportive business environment to raise others up. In fact, her brand is all about sharing positive intent, embracing other women and encouraging collaboration versus competition because… #weareallbabes 

Here’s what we learned about Miriam when we sat down together:

How did the BRUNETTE THE LABEL all begin?

I created Brunette The Label’s sister business – Brunette Showroom -  in 2009 and slowly grew the business from representing one brand and showing out of my car, to as many as fifteen brands at a time in my own office space in Vancouver. I created the first Brunette The Label sweatshirt in 2014 as a marketing tool, and the brand expanded organically from there.

What has been your biggest achievement since starting your business?

For me, Babes Supporting Babes is one of my greatest accomplishments. Babes Supporting Babes is a lifestyle - it’s where you choose to support others and help them grow without it being for your benefit only. It is the mentality that there is enough room for everyone.

Miriam Alden from Brunette the Label is Featured by Women's Loungewear Brand Smash + Tess

What inspired you to create the Brunette Label?

I was inspired by having a showroom and just understanding how I wanted to make clothes for everybody. I wanted to make clothing that made all kinds of people feel happy and gave them something to wear that made them feel cute and comfortable. I thought of the whole thing when I was on a train in Italy.

What's the best piece of advice that’s shaped your journey?

“Never lie to your banker, and “find your voice and something that’s meaningful to you and stand behind it.”

One tip for building your own business:

Make sure it’s authentic to who you are. 

Miriam Alden from Brunette the Label

What does your ultimate Sunday consist of?

Wake up, have a coffee on my couch, don’t have anywhere to rush to, decide what time I’m going to go to the barn and ride my horse, go later in the afternoon, then have Pho and foot massages, and finish with a movie on my couch.

Fave place to rock your Romper?

At work, because its really comfy and it feels like you’re lounging around at home but really, you’re at the office!

Current Netflix binge?

Any Scandinavian crime drama but I’ve seen them all so I just binged Altered Carbon.

Who inspires you?

Basically, everyone I come into contact with, on some level. I also get a lot of my strength when I think of my horses. Right now, I’m really inspired by lots of different people with voices who are really strong when they stand up for what they believe in.

Desert Island beauty product?

Peppermint Halo from Saje or my French hair mask!

Miriam Alden from Brunette the Label and Smash + Tess Team up for a Romper Collab

Which guilty pleasure Instagram accounts are your fave Insta-follows?

I don’t really feel guilty for very much, but I love following Victoria Beckham, Pia Arrobio, and @mytherapistsays!

Whose poster did you have on your bedroom wall when you were 12 years?

I just had pictures of horses and magazines rip-outs of 90s fashion, but my 12-year-old crush was for sure Leo. Romeo and Juliet anyone?!

Now you know why we love Miriam (@miriamalden) and why we’re so excited to announce the Smash + Tess X Brunette The Label Romper and Pop Up Event!

All local Vancouver #smashtessfam are invited to shop the limited-edition Smash + Tess' Sunday Romper with a stamp of Brunette's classic lettering at our Pop Up Shop! The limited-edition Rompers and the re-launch of the Saturday Rompers will be available plus a few of your faves like the Olivia Green and the Blue-tiful Friday Rompers! Of course, all Brunette The Label products are also up for grabs!

Come say hi to all of us at the Smash + Tess X Brunette The Label Pop Up March 8 – 11 at the Brunette Flagship Store, 231 Union St, Vancouver.

P.S. Saturday Rompers will be available online on March 12th at 8 am PST! 

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