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Meet Kaitlin Hargreaves – Artist, Influencer and our newest #smashtessfam! 

Kaitlin Hargreaves has been a huge supporter of Smash Tess over the years and we are so grateful! She’s best friends with one of our besties, Jillian Harris, and runs her own businessShe speaks her mind and is so fun! In short, she’s super cool and we love her! 

Kaitlin recently got engaged at the end of 2020 and we are so excited for her! We couldn’t think of anyone better to celebrate our Bridal Packages being available to shop on smashtess.com than Kaitlin! 

We hope you love getting to know her a bit more and enjoy her tips for getting engaged and planning a wedding during a pandemic!  

You’re recently engaged! Congratulations! Can you share your engagement story with our #smashtessfam? 
Thank you!! It’s kind of a long story, but here’s the short version, In October 2020 Keith told me he’d like to go look at rings so he could get an idea for when he’s ready to pop the question. We had a little staycation planned downtown Vancouver and we were going to make a weekend of it! 
In my mind, I already knew what I wanted and had told Keith over the last few years the exact  style - but I’d never physically tried on rings. The day of the proposal he took me to Cavalier Gastown to “try on rings” but little did I know he had already designed and purchased the ring. (Which was PERFECT by the way) 
The evening plan was drinks and dinner at Pac Rim. While having a drink in the downstairs lobby lounge, Keith “went to the bathroom” aka went upstairs where it was all set with a “will you marry me” sign, flowers, candles, music and got into position. 
Someone from Fairmont told me our table at the restaurant upstairs was ready, I told him I’d wait for my boyfriend who’s in the bathroom and he explained they caught him on the way out of the bathroom and he was already upstairs waiting. 
This is where my heart rate increased, and I was very suspicious lol. The rest is a blur as I was overwhelmed with emotion and tears and a smile that couldn’t be wiped off my face. It was the most magical evening ever.  

If you want to read the entire thing you can check out my blog.

kaitlin hargreaves wearing smash + tess bridal romper

What was the experience of getting engaged during the pandemic like for you? 

It was a little unfortunate that my family and friends couldn’t be there. Keith told me his original plan was for all our friends and family to be upstairs watching the whole thing go down. But it was very intimate and honestly, I loved how romantic and quaint it ended up being. 

Has this pandemic altered your wedding planning process in any way? 

100%, however definitely not to the extent that it has for so many others. Being a makeup artist, I had 99% of my bridal clients cancel/postpone their big days. It was crushing for them and I didn’t want to take that risk. Fortunately, we aren’t in a rush, so we have planned for the end of 2022 to give the world enough time to hopefully calm down. 

What advice do you have for others who are recently engaged?

Revel in it! We were very lucky to have been able to take a few days off after the proposal. We spent 4 days together reliving the moment, drinking bubbly, cuddling and… you know… the other cuddling ;) 

You’re a part of a blended family – what has that experience been for you? 

Honestly, I can’t imagine my life any other way. It’s been a journey for sure, but we have all worked really hard to get to a good place where the 4 of us parents get along and have dinners together and joint birthday parties etc. We have them week on/week off and it’s a great balance for us to enjoy family time for one week and the other week we buckle down on work, get stuff around the house done or enjoy a date night. 

What does your dream bachelorette party look like? 

Oh god, this is a tough one. I’d be happy with anything where I was able to celebrate with my girls. But I’ve always pictured it somewhere tropical, on a beach with lots of fruity cocktails and sunshine. 

kaitlin hargreaves and friends wearing smash + tess rompers in front of sun mural

Fave way to rock a Romper? 

At home, I’ll rock it any which way, but for outdoors, I love a good denim jacket over top and my converse! 

What does your ultimate Sunday look like? 

Patio, Caesar, sunshine and good tunes. 

Fave pump-up song? 

This changes monthly but love a good 2000’s club remix to remind me of the good ol’ days lol. 

What does being a part of the #smashtessfam mean to you? 

It means being part of a super supportive group of amazing people. Encouraging others to be themselves, be comfortable, take risks and have fun. Not take life too seriously!!! 

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