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A dream come true for dreamwear!

FAN MOMENT! We have loved Hilary Duff for like....foreverso having the opportunity to collaborate with her – hello! This is what dreams are made of! Whether you’re like us and had all the ‘Stuff by Duff’ (we see you Hilary fans!or are just discovering Hilary’s laid-back and always chic style, you’re going to love this collaboration! Yes – we are as excited for this collab as you are, #smashtessfam! 

The collection is California-inspired with global accessibility and wearability. It was designed in Hilary’s backyard with Ashley (COVID safe, of course!). The two got to know each other very well through the design process, and we couldn’t wait to introduce Hilary to our #smashtessfam! We have all the deets on the collaboration, her pregnancy and the number one skincare product you’re definitely going to want to go buy!  

hilary duff and smash + tess team designing romper collection in garden

Why did you want to collaborate with Smash + Tess? 

I've been wearing Smash + Tess for a few years, and when I found out it was a female-owned company, I loved it even more. I got excited to collaborate with the owner, Ashley and create something for my daughter and that I know we're going to live in! 

ashley freeborn and hilary duff wearing masks

What was it like designing the collection? 

One of the best parts about this project for me was that everyone who was involved were women! We all have different things going on in our lives, different bodies, different wants and needs, but we all sat down and collaborated on everything from the colours, fabrics, fits...it was such a fun, collaborative experience. 

Where did you get your inspiration for the collection? 

I pulled inspiration from Pinterest, interior magazines I had at the time, and thought about prints and textures that I know would fit into my current wardrobe. 

hilary duff and assistant looking at laptop designing smash + tess collection

What was it like working with Ash and the S+T team, especially during a pandemic? 

I'm so inspired by Ashley's vision for her company. She truly cares about women and making them comfortable and cute! Also- the pros of working during COVID times is that everyone comes to you! It was really nice to not have to leave my house. We sat in my backyard, all masked-up and we talked styles and fabrics and had a blast. We drank coffee, we chatted, and we’d get off topic a lot, but it made it all really fun and we got to know each other really well. 

What was the most fun part of designing a clothing collection? 

Each time that we would meet, we would get further along in the process, until it was complete - it's fun to be part of something from start to finish! I loved sitting outside in my backyard with Ashley and the S+T team, while playing with different textures and fabric swatches. 

hilary duff wearing smash + tess daisy print romper in kitchen

What advice do you have for other pregnant mamas during these strange times? 

The only positive thing about Covid has been the reminder of what is truly important and being forced to simplify and be more still. That is a perfect motto for a pregnant woman and one I'm still working on myself! This pregnancy has been a bright light for the whole family! Of course, it's been hard not being able to see as many loved ones as I would like, but it's created a lot of space to turn inward and connect with my body and my baby. 

If you weren't an actress, singer, and businesswoman, what would your dream job be? 

In the past 10 years, I've realized how much I love interior design and architecture. I'm really good at spending money and it would be cooler if I could just spend someone else's money while creating a transformation. 

What's your fave piece from the collection? 

I would say the Hilary Romperalls, in both colors, I can't choose! I'm obsessed with the texture of the linen! They're so flattering and comfortable. 

hilary duff wearing smash + Tess romperalls in front of mirror

Who inspires you? 

I'm a little bit of a scatterbrain and the projects in my life are constantly moving which is great for my personality. People like Ashley inspire me, female business owners, creative types with a strong vision of what they're doing. Also, of course, my children, my husband, and traveling - I wouldn't say it's one person or one thing! 

What does your ultimate Sunday look like? 

A morning hike with my children and dogs. An iced almond milk latte. A short trip to the farmer's market. Making homemade olive bread. Hanging with the kids and doing what they want to do. 

What is your go-to pump up song? 

Levitating by Dua Lipa - I'm obsessed! 

Desert island beauty product? 

I have 2 problems with this question because 1) I'd like to bring a makeup bag, duh! 2) I'm a product junkie but since you're forcing me, I'll choose SPF, and right now I love the Solid + Striped face sunscreen because it's a sunscreen meets serum and it's $14 (USD) so you're welcome! 

hilary duff and daughter banks sat on steps in smash + tess black rompers

Fave place to rock your rompers? 

Casual night in cooking with my girlfriends, out shopping with my mini, date night with a pair of heels, "I'm not changing for 2 days" vibe, road trip, and heading to work...is that too many??? If that's too many rompers for you then I guess you can't party like me! 

What're you most looking forward to about having three littles? 

The Thanksgiving & Christmas tables in 10 years, but other than that I'm terrified!  

You can preview the highly anticipated Smash + Tess x Hilary Duff collection here! 

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