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MEET EMILY MINION, Founder & Creative Director of CHELSEA KING

If you see a top knot on Instagram, it's likely accessorized and styled with a scrunchie from Chelsea King, @shopchelseaking! Emily's scrunchies are known for their unique prints, classic styles and the perfect elasticity to hold your hair up and yet keep it protected from breakage. Emily took the scrunchie out of the 80's and has made it a staple in your fashion wardrobe and yet, she's most well known by her peers for being so sweet and encouraging! She's an amazing business woman, mom and designer that inspires us everyday!

We sat down with Emily to learn more about Chelsea King and her journey:

How did Chelsea King all begin?

Originally, about four years ago I had made a few scrunchie for my daughter Elle. Some of my girlfriends told me that I needed to sell them. At the time I thought “Who would want to purchase a scrunchie?”. That same week I was out in Zara and saw a woman in her 40’s, she was very well put together, wearing a black blazer, white collared shirt, and had her hair up in the most perfect “messy” topknot with a black scrunchie, it looked amazing! At that moment I thought if I could get others to see the scrunchie now in this way it would be a brand I would want to create. 

Emily from Chelsea King Featured by Women's Loungewear Brand Smash + Tess

What has been your biggest achievement since starting your business?

We have been featured in Elle Canada Magazine, Dote Magazine, CTV Morning Live and a few others, which has been a huge honour. However, I am always most humbled when I am out and see women wearing our scruchies. It is always the highest compliment to see others wearing my brand. 

What inspired you to create Chelsea King?

Chelsea King scrunchies are a classic essential for the everyday woman. It is my goal that women no longer see scrunchies as a trend but an everyday hair saver. I personally have a very basic and classic style. Most of the pieces you see in my wardrobe would not be considered “trendy”. It was my vision to create a brand of scrunchies that were seen as classic and not trendy, which you can see in most of the colours and textiles I choose. 

The name Chelsea King is not my name but rather comes from a location in London. My sister Olivia, who works with me, used to live in Chelsea on Kings Road. If you have ever been there you would know it to be a beautiful, classy and sophisticated area with many quaint shops. When visiting her we were talking about what a great name it would be if we ever had a company together as the area holds the essence of what we would want to portray as a company. 

Emily from Chelsea King Featured by Smash + Tess, Home of the Original Romper

What's the best piece of advice that’s shaped your journey?

Do it right the first time. My grandma was the one that taught me how to sew when I was young, which allowed me to start Chelsea King. She would always tell me to never cut corners and to take your time (not just in sewing, but everything in life) and then you won’t have to do it again. My grandma actually passed away a year ago to this day, but I will never forget those lessons she taught me, which have carried through into the way that I construct my business. 

One tip for building your own business:

Don’t define yourself by your brand. When I started this venture, I told myself that I would not define myself by what others would say about my brand, good or bad. It was something that I enjoy doing and promised myself I would always do it because I enjoyed it and therefore would do it to the best of my ability. I believe that as long as I am loving what I am doing, I can continually stay creative and innovative. There is lots going happening on Instagram and other avenues of social media and it is so important to stay true to who you are as a brand and behind the brand as an individual. Don’t spend your time comparing yourself or your brand to others around you. Do the best at what you’re doing and keep growing and bettering yourself.  And when you are on Instagram pages or blogs of others, spend your time encouraging them. We need to support and build up one another! 

What does your ultimate Sunday consist of?

Church & my family. I have the most amazing family and I love spending quality time together. We are all so busy during the week so we do our best to put work aside on Sundays. We go to church, out for lunch and home for play, snuggles and a good movie. Then a glass of vino with my hubby once the kids are in bed. I could not do what I do without him!

Current Netflix binge?

White Collar, Suits & The Mindy Project. And really any great Comedy, I much prefer a good laugh over a good cry ;) 

Who inspires you?

In life and in business it would absolutely be my parents. So much of what I have learned is because of them. My parents have been married for 39 years and my dad and his partner build beautiful custom homes have had their business for 40 years, which is amazing! I believe it is so important to learn from those who have come before you. We may do some things in life and business differently from the generations before us; however, I believe it is essential to take the wisdom from those who are wiser than us and build off of what they can teach us. 

Desert Island beauty product?

Peppermint Halo (from Saje), I can’t start my day without it, that stuff is better than a large cup of coffee. And mascara, I am a sucker for great lashes. 

Fave place to rock your Romper?

I work out of my home, so I just go to work in my romper every day, haha! I have three that I just rotate through. (Proof below!)

Work from home women's clothing | Cute Rompers

Which guilty pleasure Instagram accounts are your fave Insta-follows?

Ahh, I actually cannot think of any I follow and it’s really only because I have no spare time in my life right now. However, my sister always tags me in all the really hilarious posts that crack me up! She’s my personal filter for the really great ones, haha! 

Whose poster did you have on your bedroom wall when you were 12 years?

Since my dad’s a builder, we always lived in new homes so there was no way I was allowed to put posters up on the walls; however, my crush at 12 was obviously JTT!  (That's Jonathan Taylor Thomas, for any of those that don't remember Tool Time and TGIF nights on T.V.!)

As you can see, Emily is delightful! We felt her scrunchies and our Rompers were a match made in heaven and we're so excited to announce the Smash + Tess X Chelsea King collab scrunchie in Pink Lemonade!

Lounge jumpsuits and scrunchies

And as if the scrunchie isn't adorable enough on its own, why not throw in a matching Pink Lemonade Saturday Romper? Snag your collab scrunchie and Romper before they're gone!

Cute Romper and Scrunchie by Chelsea King

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