#SMASHTESSFAM FEATURE: Tori Wesszer, Founder of Fraîche Living

#SMASHTESSFAM FEATURE: Tori Wesszer, Founder of Fraîche Living

A dream come true for dreamwear!

We’re so excited to launch our latest collab with healthy living guru, Tori.

She’s a nutritionist, cookbook author and mama of two—and makes it all look so easy. This collection was inspired by her easy-does-it approach to living well, with effortless styles designed to take you throughout your day.

We chatted with Tori about all-things-food, where she finds inspiration and how she’s growing her family and her business. 

Many people began cooking up a storm in the pandemic, with lots trying your delicious recipes—how has Fraîche Living changed over the last year?

My way of showing love and caring for others is cooking. And since people had to be more resourceful in their kitchens, I figured that was how I could help a bit and connect with others, especially those who were most isolated. The pandemic was hard on so many, and being able to feel like I was a part of their kitchens was really meaningful to me. At the beginning of the pandemic, we launched an online meal plan (Fraîche Table), which ended up being really useful to help people minimize food waste, cook delicious and simple homemade food and reduce trips to the grocery stores.

We also had fun launching some functional kitchen and laundry art in the form of digital downloads through our Fraîche at Home brand that we continue to sell. I use mine every single day!

You’re embarking on another building project, what are you planning and how is working so closely with your hubby on big projects?

Yes, we are! Building or renovating with your spouse is no joke. He’s wonderful and talented and I’m sure I drive him bananas with all my requests.

Charles and I decided to build an office space off the side of our house so that we had a separate place for our team to work outside of our home kitchen. We are lucky enough to work out of home, but it’s getting a bit too hard to manage as our wonderful team grows. We had the space on the side of our home, and I can’t wait for it to be done! 

How will you be rocking your Weekender Rompers this summer? Do you have any styling tips for our #SmashTessFam?

Oh my gosh, I’m in LOVE with these pieces! The fabric is so dreamy. I will be the first to admit that I can no longer walk in heels after a year of slippers, so it’s safe to say I’ll be sporting some flats to pair with the Rompers, which are brilliant in that you can dress them up or down depending on your accessories. I will be wearing Vans-style sneakers or sandals with both (loving the slides these days), and dressing them up with layered gold jewelry from our So Pretty collection.

Fraîche Living has grown so much over the past few years, and we hear there might be a new cookbook in the works! Can you share anything about what’s next for the brand?

Eeek yes! Jillian and I are crushing this next book, and it looks like we will be done ahead of schedule which is so awesome. Other than the cookbook, we are working on some exciting new features for our Fraîche Table meal plan, a new home product launch, expanding our jewelry line with So Pretty Cara Cotter and a few other ideas we’ve cooked up! 

Charlie & Max are growing up so quickly! How has spending so much time together in the last year impacted your family? 

Like every other mom, I wish time would stop—they are growing up too quickly. I think this past year really validated how much we are home bodies (that was more home time than I bargained for of course), and how lucky we are to have our health and each other. The boys did really well and I think it actually brought them closer. Sure, there were fights and moments I wanted to pull out my hair (i.e. homeschooling), but at the end of the day we all did okay. Spending that much time together can teach you a lot about each other, and about yourself. I’m pretty darned grateful for the family I have and that I was able to keep myself busy during that very uncertain time.

Where do you get inspiration for your recipes and blog?

Everywhere! Magazines, restaurants, Pinterest, other foodies, my family recipes, Charles (he’s an amazing cook). We live in foodie heaven with fresh produce at our fingertips all year long in the Okanagan, so inspiration is everywhere in the summer!

We're drooling over all the delicious things you dream up in the kitchen! What’s your favourite must-try recipe you’ve created recently? Thank you! Oh, how can I pick just one? The Tuna Stack with Wonton Chips is beyond incredible (great for entertaining—or keep it for yourself, I’m not judging), and the Almond Roca popsicles are so delicious you will never guess they are healthy!

It’s your last meal on Earth, what’s on the table?

A taco (or 5) that is stuffed embarrassingly full. But it’s my last meal so I don’t care how messy it is lol. With a side of my granny’s beet rolls actually. Oh, and chocolate chip mint ice cream...this is going to be a full table.

We can’t wait to see you rocking your Weekender Rompers! Do you have any summer adventures planned with your family?

We just got back from an epic trip to Tofino which is our family tradition, and are hoping to get up to our family cabin in the Cariboo region. I’m working hard to try to take some time off in August to spend with the boys and am hopeful that our pool is done so we can play in the water all day, eat loads of ice cream and spend our days going to mini golf. We live in paradise here in Kelowna so I would rather go away in the winter!

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