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Spotted: Jessica Szohr ROCKING our newest Sunday Romper and Sunday Shorty! We would say she is definitely ready for the warm weather and play dates with the newest addition to her family, her daughter, Bowie! We sat down with Jessica to chat about everything she’s learned from motherhood, what she loves about Smash + Tess AND a few fun details from her time on Gossip Girl! 
Make sure you’re in your favourite Romper, with a glass of wine, coffee or tea, and get the inside scoop here! 



jessica  szohr in smash and tess the sunday shorty romper

Congratulations on welcoming your beautiful baby girl! What have you learned so far about motherhood?  

I have learned that there is no word that can describe the love you have for your baby. Even when I try to explain to a friend who doesn’t have kids…I can’t! I have also learned that you learn as you go. Every day brings something new and exciting and challenging. But we were put on this planet to do this. So, when times get tough…I tell myself I GOT THIS and I always figure it out.  

Thank you for being such a huge supporter of Smash + Tess! What drew you to the brand?   

I was sent a black simple Romper right before my trip to Italy and I wore it on the plane. Then arrived in Capri and wore it to dinner with heels, then on a boat trip over my swimsuit. Then threw it on with tennis shoes and roamed Rome! I obviously washed it so I could keep wearing it but after that trip, I was like I need this in every color! It was comfy and I could literally wear it everywhere :)   

As a new mom, how do you #RompSoHard in your Rompers?  

I wore my Romper pre-baby and during my pregnancy believe it or not. And yes, as a mom I wear it at least 3 times a week! They are just so easy and you can make it look as chill or dressy as you want and they are so comfy. It's a WIN-WIN… style and comfort and easy to wash when Bowie spills or spits up on me :) 

jessica  szohr in smash and tess the sunday romper

We are all MAJOR Gossip Girl fans here at S+T! What was your favorite part about working on the show?  

My favorite part about working on Gossip Girl? Wowwhat loaded question! I enjoyed so many parts of that experience. Moving to New York, meeting such incredible people from the cast to the crew…some have become friends I'll have foreverThe fashionI mean the list goes on! 

I don’t have one favorite part. I am also so happy people responded to the show so well and because of that, we got to have a fun little run playing those characters for many years. 

If you were not an actress, what would be your dream career?  

Dream career…I’m not sure because I am doing what I love now, and then just becoming a mom on top of that. Doesn’t get better for me! But if I had to choose, something involving helping others. 

Who/what inspires you? 

My mom. She’s a go-getter and with a positive attitude.  

jessica  szohr in smash and tess the sunday romper

What is your favorite pump-up song these days?  

Ice Cream Paint Job - Dorrough 

You are ROCKING our new Sunday Romper in Making Mauves! What “mauves” (moves) do you love to do in your Rompers? 

Freestyle is always my go-to :)  

Our Sunday Shorty in Midnight Black is BACK for summer! How do you like to style it? 

I like rocking it with a vintage sweatshirt over my Romper and my black combat boots. To dress it up I throw one of Brads white button-up dress shirts on (under the Romper) and cuff the sleeves…and depends on my mood. I either throw a heel with it or a cute flat :) 

jessica  szohr in smash and tess the sunday shorty romper

Thank you for joining us in the Romper Revolution! What does being a part of the #smashtessfam mean to you?  

I like that Smash + Tess makes something for everyone. And that you feel good in their stuff! Being a part of the fam makes me happy because they are a good vibe making good things for everyone out there :) 

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