S+T x Luisana Lopilato – Introducing The Buenos Aires Collection

S+T x Luisana Lopilato – Introducing The Buenos Aires Collection

A dream come true for dreamwear!

S+T x Luisana Lopilato – Introducing The Buenos Aires Collection 

Argentinian actress, model, and cookbook author, Luisana Lopilato is Smash + Tess’ latest collaborator! We’re excited to be working with the dynamic Buenos Aires-born mom of three! 

Married to Michael Bublé, Luisana values being a mom to her three kids above all: Noah, Elías and Vida. With her partnership, we created a collection that will transport you to paradise with the Buenos Aires Romper, Palermo Duster and River Dress. With a bold print and a new dreamy Pistachio Pop colourway, the design of each piece in this collection was inspired by Luisana's love for Argentina and the busy life she leads being a mom that does it all! 

What inspired the pieces in this collection?  

I already loved Smash + Tess' style so I was inspired by what they do best--effortless clothes that still feel elegant.  

The collection fits perfectly with my personality and everyday life. I'm a mom of three, an actress, and I love to travel so I'm always on the go! I wanted this collection to be something women could wear around the house, going to the grocery store, hanging out with friends--everywhere! I always choose comfort and I love that Smash + Tess offers options for women that do the same!  

Who is this collection for?  

This collection is for busy women doing it all who want to be comfortable but still feel elegant and chic! 

What is your favourite way to style the pieces in this collection?  

I love that you can style the entire collection to be casual for the day or elegant for a night look. You can add belts or necklaces to dress up the outfit or wear the pieces on their own to keep it simple. I also like that you can wear sneakers for comfort or completely transform the look with high heels! 



Do you have a favourite piece?  

So hard to pick one! I really love The River Dress. I love how easy it is to wear! You can run to the grocery store with sneakers or add some jewelry and heels for a night out. It's so cute with the Palermo Duster over top as well!  

I also love The Buenos Aires Romper. The elastic waist is comfortable and flattering and the shoulder detail is so cute! 

What was it like working with Ashley and Smash + Tess?  

It was such a beautiful experience working with Ashley and the Smash + Tess Team. They are all so kind, have great energy, and said yes to all my ideas! 

The team was flexible with my schedule and we were able to accomplish so much in our zoom meetings--it was so easy to work with them! Every time they showed me something new, it was amazing! You can tell the team truly loves what they do--their energy says it all! I love working with people like that. 

Smash + Tess proudly designs for all body types! Is this something that was important to you as well?  

I think this is so important! This is one of the first things I noticed when I started working with Smash + Tess. They are one of the few brands that truly respect and celebrate all body types. 

What is something you love about Smash + Tess?  

The comfortability and quality of Smash + Tess clothing is what I love most! You can tell that that Ash and the Team value these things--you can feel it the moment you try on a Romper! 

Congratulations on your recent pregnancy announcement! How has your style changed since becoming a mom?  

My style has changed in the sense that now I look for comfort. For example, I've switched out heels for runners! 



Shop The Buenos Aires Collection – available April 25 at 8AM PT! 

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