Come As You Are: Kayla Logan

Come As You Are: Kayla Logan

A dream come true for dreamwear!

This month, and every month, we’re encouraging you to Come As You Are! Whoever you are, be loud, proud and flaunt it! For this year’s Pride month, we are thrilled to amplify the voices of queer creators and extend our support to queer-centred charitable organizations. We wholeheartedly embrace diverse experiences, sexual identities, and gender expressions.

We are excited to share our first blog post featuring Kayla Logan! Kayla is a body positivity and mental health advocate who we admire greatly for being always authentically herself and sharing stories of her journey exploring her gender identity. We’re lucky to have her sharing with us today!  

What are your pronouns and how do you identify?

My pronouns are she/her, and I identify as a femme lesbian. A femme lesbian is someone who presents themselves through fashion as feminine.

How do you express yourself through fashion as a means to challenge gender norms and stereotypes, while also celebrating your own unique identity within the 2SLGBTQIA+ community?

There are a lot of stereotypes about lesbians being masculine, androgynous, wearing Dr. Martens, plaid shirts, beanies, and having short men's haircuts or undercuts. I don't fall into any of these expressions of fashion. In fact, my fashion hasn't changed since coming out. I'm a femme lesbian. I love all things girly: dresses, makeup, purses, shoes, accessories. I love fashion, and it's a fun way to express myself. It also makes it harder for people to identify me as a lesbian, but I believe that you don't need to change yourself to be queer or fit in. To me, defying gender norms and stereotypes in the community means showing up as yourself every day, even if you have a more feminine style.

Additionally, for me, being feminine is my way of rebelling against stereotypes and gender norms within the gay community. I've consciously chosen not to become a stereotype to fit in, even when I thought that conforming to those expectations was necessary for acceptance. There was a time when I considered getting nose piercings like a septum, cutting all my hair off, and dressing more androgynously, but I've come to realize that true rebellion lies in embracing my authentic self, regardless of societal expectations.

What are some unique and creative ways to accessorize outfits to show support for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community during Pride month?

This truly depends on the person. For me, I love rainbows. I enjoy wearing pride sneaker launches that have rainbow soles and small rainbow details. Having some fun with colorful eye makeup and adding some crystals can also be a great way to express pride. Additionally, you can add pride pins to your clothing to flag to other community members if you're an ally or to showcase your own sexuality. Another idea is to incorporate a little leather, like a harness, into an outfit to spice  it up and make it more edgy.  

Kayla Logan Pride Month

What are some fashion trends or styles that have been historically associated with queer culture, and how have they evolved?

Queer fashion has always been a vibrant playground of hidden symbols and rebellious choices. From Oscar Wilde's green carnation in the 1890s to queer women embracing trousers in the 1920s, and badass lesbian feminists defying norms in the '70s with bowties and baggy silhouettes. These coded expressions have evolved over time, leaving a fabulous mark on our community!

In a world that's gradually embracing queerness, the need for secret codes has diminished, there are still subtle identifiers that outsiders may miss. Imagine women rocking shortened manicures, the stylish magic of rolled-up pant cuffs, tee-shirt sleeve tricks, and trendy shag cuts and mullets. These are the vibrant threads of the contemporary queer aesthetic, a joyful celebration of individuality and self-expression within our thriving community. As queerness thrives, so does the fashion that paints its beautiful spectrum with charm and wit.

What are some resources available to support those in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community who may be struggling with their identity?

Here are some specific international and Canadian resources available to support individuals in the 2SLGBTQIA+ community who may be struggling with their identity: 

  • The Trevor Project: A leading organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth. They offer a 24/7 helpline, online chat, and text support. Website:

  • It Gets Better Project: An international initiative aimed at inspiring and supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ youth. The project shares personal stories, offers resources, and promotes messages of hope and resilience. Website:

  • LGBT National Help Center: Provides confidential support and resources through phone, online chat, and email for 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals. They offer assistance with coming out, relationships, mental health, and other related topics. Website:


Which 2SLGBTQIA+ creators would you highly recommend following?

There are a ton of 2SLGBTIA+ creators out there who are truly amazing to follow, and I couldn't recommend them more. 

Here are a few of them that I highly recommend checking out:

@mylesssexton: Myles Sexton is a non-binary creator, an HIV advocate, and a TV fashion stylist. They delve into various aspects of 2SLGBTQIA+ life, culture, and fashion, offering unique perspectives and insights. Myles' content is not only stylish but also thought-provoking, empowering, and raises awareness about HIV advocacy

@justjamiep: Jamie Pierce is a fabulous transgender creator known for her over-the-top style and sassy videos. Her content is a delightful blend of fashion, comedy, and queer experiences. Jamie's bold presence shines through her posts, making her a captivating creator to follow.

@gayitaliannonna: This late-in-life lesbian creator is on a journey of self-discovery, exploring her gender expression and trying out more masculine fashion choices. Known as the "Gay Italian Nonna," she brings a fresh and vibrant perspective to the 2SLGBTIA+ community. Besides her insightful posts, she's also been known to turn up the heat with some tantalizing thirst traps on TikTok.

@ericahill: Erica Hill is a queer creator who shares inspiring and educational content about 2SLGBTIA+ experiences. Her content primarily focuses on fits, masculine lesbian style, gay culture, and insights from her long-time relationship. Following Erica provides a window into the diverse aspects of queer life and relationships.

@catchhey: Cheyenne, is an incredible 2SLGBTIA+ creator who brings a vibrant and energetic presence to her content. As a former NBA dancer for the Toronto Raptors, Catch's posts are filled with lifestyle inspiration, fun moments, travel adventures, fitness, and glimpses into her long-term relationship. Following Catch provides a well-rounded experience of queer life and joyful expression.

These creators offer engaging, authentic, and diverse perspectives within the 2SLGBTIA+ community. 

Smash + Tess Pride Collection

Each year, we partner with an 2SLGBTIA+ charity as part of our give-back initiative. In the past we've worked with BC organizations such as QMUNITY and this year we are partnering with the Ontario-based organization, Friends of Ruby!

Friends of Ruby is a charitable organization dedicated to the progressive the well-being of 2SLGBTQIA+ youth (ages 16-29) in the GTA. Their services and programs are led by 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals, informed by 2SLGBTQIA+ youth, and grounded in evidence and research. Friends of Ruby delivers and promotes mental health support, housing, wellness, education, employment, and inclusion through activities that meet 2SLGBTQIA+ youth needs. If you are interested in learning more about this amazing organization, you can find more information here.

We will bring awareness to this amazing organization by offering a 'donate at checkout' option from June 6th - 30th as well as donating 10% of our launch-day net sales from our Pride Collection, launching June 7th.

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