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A dream come true for dreamwear!

The second artist we partnered with for #InternationalWomensDay is Amandalynn. Amandalynn is based in Northern California, where she works as a Muralist, Fine Artist, Conservator and Art DirectorWe’re so lucky to work with her, as her experience and talent spoke for itself, and her work felt like the perfect fit for this projectIn 2001, she began developing her Street Art style mural work, painting alongside the graffiti community in San Francisco. Inspired by the feminine in all things, her artwork for this International Women’s Day campaign explored this further 

amandalynn painting flower mural

Can you tell us a bit about your artwork for this collection? 

I grew up appreciating the beauty of every type of flower, especially the Wild ones. My grandmother was a strong influence in my appreciation for all nature and gave me an understanding of how all things must work together in order to create the harmonious world we live in.  

ashley freeborn wearing amandalynn wild flower denim jacket

What does the term ‘Wild Flower’ mean to you? 

I recently began a new body of work with my painting partner, Lady Mags, titled 'Wild Flowers.' Within this new collection, we plan to celebrate the natural beauty that is found all around us within the untamable nature of things. This term Wild Flower does not only reference plant life but also the innate strength that can be found within all women. As we each bloom and grow from where we are planted, we have the power to be free in our own expression, and this image is a call out to celebrate that Wild strength that I know lives deep inside every woman. 

Learn more about Amandalynn in the video below! 

You can preview her artwork for our International Women’s Day campaign here. 

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