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It’s Mother’s Day and we are celebrating ALL you  #smashtessmamas! This whole ‘Jane of all trades’ thing isn’t necessarily what we signed up for...but this Mother’s Day, we wanted to let you know, we SEE you and you are not alone! 

It’s not easy being a teacher, daycare centre, working your normal 9-5, becoming your own barista, chef, maid service, you name it, all at the same time! But Mama, you’ve got this! 

We reached out to some of our favourite mamas to share their message of motherhood and to take a moment to appreciate and acknowledge each other. Mamas, here’s to you! 

tori of fraiche living

Photo credit: @fraicheliving instagram

“Something has to give these days. I’ve learned to pick my battles-snuggles over dishes and over looking at the LEGO that is EVERYWHERE knowing one day I will miss it! We can’t do everything and there’s no such thing as perfect (and how boring would that be anyway!?)”

-Tori @fraicheliving

the family jewels blog

Photo credit: @thefamilyjewelsblog

"I have become a teacher overnight and we have learned everything from reading, writing, math, home economics, fitness... we've done it all! I never thought in a million years I could homeschool my kids, especially with my older son who does require some extra love and attention in the classroom. It's been challenging for sure but also amazing and I'm really grateful for this time."

-Samantha Dempster @thefamilyjewelsblog

sophia and son from one sweet piece

Photo credit: @onesweetpiece instagram

“Home schooling is no joke my friends. I am a teacher and a mom but I cannot teach my own kids. Third grade math is hard and makes my brain hurt. My son got an assignment back the other day and said, ‘mom, you did it all wrong!’ Last time I checked, I wasn’t the student.”

-Sophia @onesweetpiece

Joëlle Anello

Photo credit: @lapetitenoob instagram

“I never thought that I was good at multitasking, but there’s nothing like motherhood to learn trial by fire! Now I’m chugging coffee, while nursing and simultaneously answering emails on any given day.”

-Joëlle @lapetitenoob

danielle graham

Photo credit: @daniellegraham instagram

“ In a moment of desperation I invented clean o’clock. At 5pm we put on Motown Philly and it becomes a family dance party as we go from room, to room singing along and picking up all the stuff from the day. I hold the baby in one arm. A little glass of wine in the other. And watch as I’ve brilliantly convinced my toddler that cleaning is fun.”

-Danielle @daniellegraham


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