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If you haven’t seen me on social, or on our contact us page, I wanted to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Megan, and I am the Customer Care Manager. On top of that, I also write our blog! S+T is a huge passion of mine and I fully believe if you love where you work, it’s not work at all. The Marketing team and I came up with a fun idea for me to wear S+T every day for 30 days and share some of my Romper styling tips with you! (Yes, I do have a Romper obsession!) 

This time of year can be tough. If you’re like me and go a bit overboard buying everyone’s Christmas gifts, there is little room in the budget to buy new pieces for yourself in January. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t shop your closet! I realize I am a bit of an exception, as I probably buy at least one Romper a month, but it is totally doable to have an S+T capsule wardrobe. Really, who has time for real pants right now!?  

I documented in photos everything I wore, and how I styled it below. I hope this helps you with Romper styling, and getting onboard to see, you really do NEED S+T in your wardrobe! Also, you’ll see cute puppy content along the way! 

girl styling smash + tess rompers, dresses, tops and pants 30 different ways

My fave ways to style 

Throughout the 30 days, I realized that our Rompers are an amazing base for styling. My go-to is adding an oversized sweater or jacket and fun shoes to really bring the Romper to life. I love loud patterns and bright colours. I find that my Midnight Black Rompers are perfect for when I’m wanting to wear a fun coat. The pieces don’t battle each other but complement each other nicely.  You can see that I did this on day one with my Harris Hoodie in Midnight Black and my oversized red plaid coat. This styling tip isn’t limited to solid, dark colours. You can do this with Rompers of any colour. I did this again with my green bomber jacket and grey Sunday Romper on day 24. 

Another fun styling tipAccessorize! Whether it’s jewelry (I rocked my Everyway Chain a lot), hats or bags, your options to show your personal style are endless. For example, on Day 22 I wore the Papaya Power pants and top together, with a pair of low heels and the Everyway chain. I didn’t put any makeup on and just put my hair up, and I felt so glam! 

For me, I find that hats are such a great way to dress up any Romper outfit. You can have ANY Romper on, add a hat and VOILA you have a chic, put together outfit. I love when I’m wearing, for example, my Sunday Romper in Midnight black and I can add a coloured jacket and hat to bring that pop. Another way is to accent prints with your accessoriesOn day 21, I paired the Papaya Power Top with faux leather leggings, platform boots, a black blazer and forest green hat. I felt like the ultimate boss babe in this one!  

girl styling smash + tess rompers, dresses, tops and pants 30 different ways

Did you know there are many ways to take your traditional Summer Rompers and make them great for all seasons? First – I took my Sunday Shorty and added a high waisted skirt (which you can see on Day17)! You can also do this with loose fitting pants or a looser fitting Romperall style. Rompers on Rompers! 

Don’t forget to layer! Adding a sweater, long sleeve or T-shirt depending on the weather really makes your Romper appropriate for ANY season. On day 25, I wore a turtleneck sweater under my Rachel Romperalls and it didn’t feel overly bulky at all! On day 28, I added a long-sleeved shirt under my Saturday Romper to make feel both office appropriate and weather appropriate. 

I also just love rocking S+T Rompers on their own, because the pieces truly do speak for themselves! 

What is your favourite way to style your Romper? Make sure you tag us in your S+T outfit pics on Instagram with the hashtag #smashtessfam 

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