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Though it’s felt like there hasn’t been much to celebrate over the past year, we’re taking a moment to look at the little wins: surviving WFH/school-from-home, getting a little more time with our families in this new normal, and a new, shared sense of community gained by navigating through this global pandemic together, no matter what’s been thrown our way.    

As we think about our second Mother’s Day in a pandemic, wchoose to celebrate the act of mothering. We are honouring all the caregivers in our community- especially women- who show up every day, remain strong in tough times, and adapt to support those they love! 

We asked our founders and some of our friends, ‘in one sentence, what has this past year taught you about mothering?’ Inspired by the answers you gave, we’re excited to share some reflections on this special day with you (but of course we couldn’t keep it to just one sentence!) 



Having a newborn baby who needed to be in the NICU for the first month of her life in the middle of the pandemic, while juggling my three-year-old and business, has taught me about my own capacity and resiliency (we got by with a little help from our village… thanks Mom!) but also that I can’t control everything. We have all been tested as we juggle work, family, safety – we have had to do all of that while making difficult decisions about how to navigate through the pandemic while keeping our family healthy. 


Interesting question - reflecting over the past year it seems that more women-centric (mothering) attributes were amplified on the work front - listening skills, empathy, teamness and focus on family and community. During this pandemic, it has been critical for me to maintain a sense of urgency, transparent communication, and continual acknowledgement of the suffering that all family members (including my work family) are experiencing- the hopelessness, the relentless bad news about friends and family, but all the while, messaging and demonstrating that at the end of the day what’s important is to be strong, be kind and work together to see this through. Mothers- and women everywhere - you got this.  


I would have to say patience...patience with your kids but also patience with yourself.  As my 3 boys are getting older, we are figuring out how to communicate.  Each one has a different style and its being patient with one another to find our rhythm!  We learn so much from each other with a great amount of patience and just listening.   

Also taking your own advice! Us mothers won't always get it right...but we must have the patience to keep trying! 

Iulia (@iulia.agnew):

This past year has taught me that rest time and recharging are so important, that slowing down and enjoying the little things with family brings so much comfort and joy! 

Leslie (@lesliebangamba):

This past year has taught me that your active presence as a mother/caregiver is truly priceless. 

Samantha (@sammythomp): 

It has taught me to be patient... kids can show their emotions in different ways than adults, so to give them grace and let them express their feelings! 

Kiki Davies (@pursuingpretty): 

This year has taught me to let go of expectations and allow myself grace to be a good enough mother for my two boys. 

We’ve learned a lot, but we’ve also DONE a lot! We’re SO proud to announce that because of you, we were able to not only SELL OUT of our Mother’s Day Collection but also raise over $7,000 for donation to the BC Women’s Health Foundation. This wouldn’t have been possible without your generous support. 

All these women, and all of YOU are truly incredible for everything you do in the daily acts of mothering. So, we ask you #smashtessfam, what has this past year taught you about mothering? 

By Smash+Tess

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