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Halloween is looking a little bit different this year. Not all kids will be trick or treating, Halloween parties will be going virtual, and you might not be doing the monster mash, but that doesn’t mean the Halloween Spirit needs to fade! This year has been alllll about comfort, and making use of what you have. So in the spirit of 2020 (the ‘make it work spirit’ not the ‘hoarding toilet paper spirit’ ;) ) we’re sharing our favourite, super insta-worthy, Romper Halloween costume transformations with our #smashtessfam!! 

scarecrow halloween costume

We’re sharing 5 fun ideas for you to transform any romper from your closet into a costume - whether you’re out with your kids or at home enjoying your own box of Halloween candy, we’ve got you covered!

Carole Baskin

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! During this pandemic, it seemed like EVERYONE watched Tiger King. Grab your Sweater Weather Dress, a flower crown and BOOM, you’ve transformed into Carole Baskin. Don’t have the Sweater Weather Dress? Not a problem, use any of our Lexi Leopard items and you’ll have the same effect! No matter what, this costume is PURR-FECT for 2020!

carole baskin halloween costume

Mother Nature

How ADORABLE is this costume? Not only will you look adorable, but you’ll be super comfortable too. Add a flower crown and scrounge up some foliage and you’re set! Don’t have the Friday in Evergreen? You can wear one of our retired Sundays in Olivia Green or Moss. Remember those?!

mother nature halloween costume

mother nature halloween costume


Did you manage to grab our Sunday Romper in Classic Cocoa? Or do you have the Friday Romper in Chai Latte? With three clicks of your heels, you can easily become a scarecrow! Add a belt, a little hay behind you, a small hat and TA-DA, you’ll look like you belong in Oz. There really is no place like home to hang out for your virtual Halloween party! 

scarecrow halloween costume


Doe a deer, a female deer! If you own anything in our (appropriately named) ‘Forever Fawn’ colour, your costume is 90% done already! With a bit of makeup and a headband with ears, you’ll have everyone in the zoom party jealous of your cozy and cute costume. One of our fave ways to make this costume come to life is to use our new S+T Waffle Cardirobe in Forever Fawn

deer halloween costume

deer halloween outfit

Moira Rose

With this costume, you are sure to win the ‘best dressed’ award that would make Moira proud. We were all awed by Moira’s amazing costumes in ‘Schitt’s Creek’ so how could we not include her in our list! We would have loved to have seen our Rompers in Rose Apothecary, but this is the next best thing. Grab one of your Midnight Black Rompers (we chose our Sunday Romper), a fun wig and ACCESSORIZE! Faux fur and statement necklaces are a must, but there is really no going over the top here.

moira rose schitts creek halloween costume

We want to see what Halloween costumes YOU come up with this year! Make sure to share on Instagram, tag us and use the hashtag #monstersmash so we don’t miss it!

moira rose schitts creek halloween outfit


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