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The Velvet Romperalls

Seki is 5'10" wearing a Small



$90.30 USD $129.00 USD

Riddle us this! What happens when you cross a Romper with overalls… and then make them in the most luscious black velvet? Why, the Velvet Romperalls of course! They are cute, sassy, and extremely classy! Perfect with sneaks when you want to dress them down, or pair them with heels for a night on the town.

Made in a poly-spandex velvet – these romperalls are reminiscent of a Romper, but with the layering capability of an overall. The velvet is a little stiffer than our signature Romper fabric – so we would recommend sizing up if you want a roomier vibe! These are ridiculously flattering… just sayin’.

Note: Be careful when wearing over top light coloured shirts and undergarments. The dark dye used in this fabric may transfer onto your clothing.

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