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To cancel, postpone or go virtual?! These are the questions brides and grooms are asking themselves today in light of social distancing guidelines. We decided to reach out to our favourite wedding expert and recent collab partner, Jessica Mulroney to share her words of wisdom with our #smashtessbrides and #smashtessgrooms. 

What’s the #1 question you are getting from Brides right now and how are you answering it?

Right now the biggest question is should I postpone my wedding? My rule of thumb is that if you are asking yourself if you should, then it may be best to postpone! There is nothing more important than the health and security of your friends and family.

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What’s a fun or unique way to still celebrate an engagement or upcoming nuptials in light of social distancing? 

If you’ve postponed, you should still celebrate your original wedding date or a recent engagement! I like to send a special dinner for two with some local gifts to my couples who have postponed. Many wedding planners are offering decor boxes to make it feel like you are elsewhere! It’s very easy to help put together a unique evening for two. You have so many options celebrating the two of you in the comfort of your own home!

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What advice do you have for those who work in the wedding industry right now? 

It’s a very difficult time in the industry. Try to stay relevant online and give the couples you are working with the support and planning tips virtually as they are facing this challenging time with you.

What advice do you have for those who have decided to postpone their weddings?

In a post-COVID 19 world, I want all future brides to celebrate that we are here, we are healthy, and we are together. The wedding details should matter a whole lot less than they used to. I think this is the best decision and they can focus on planning special moments for their big day and enjoying their time together now. Don’t sweat the little things!

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What advice would you have for a bride or groom who still wants to celebrate their bachelorette/bachelor party? 

Some couples are celebrating their bachelorette/bachelor party over Zoom.  They can order their bridal party celebration boxes that are custom for all of them to celebrate together.  That isn’t to say that they can’t still host a fun party in a few months when it’s safe as well.  The wedding industry will certainly need our business when this is over, and if you can afford to celebrate in real time, I certainly encourage that.

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If you’re still uncertain about your current wedding plans, make the choice that is the best for you! If you are postponing or canceling, you can still celebrate your love in our Smash +Tess  x Jessica Mulroney Bridal Collection!


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